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  1. BugLightGeek

    Flashlight modding stuff & bulbs (tons of stuff)

    Greetings everyone. Long-time CPF user here but I admit, I haven't been on here in a L-O-N-G time :( Anyway, I'm doing a bit of cleaning/purging and came across a fishing tackle box full of flashlight modding stuff including a bunch of incandescent bulbs, LED modules, 5mm LEDs, various...
  2. BugLightGeek

    Sold/Expired WTB: Olight S1 or S2 copper

    I'm looking to purchase either: Olight S2 copper (hopefully with a blue bezel) -or- Olight S1 copper with blue bezel I'd really like the light to be new in box, hopefully unopened. Please let me know what you have...Thanks.
  3. BugLightGeek

    Mini Mark II review

    I was fortunate enough to be selected to take a look at a pre-production Mini Mark II. I posted some comments on my Facebook page but wanted to share it here as well... FOURSEVENS Mini Mark II Review Anyone that knows me knows I’ve had a “thing” for flashlights for quite a long time. It...
  4. BugLightGeek

    UltraFire WF-1300L switch & driver mod?

    I just picked up a sweet UltraFire WF-1300L. It's got 7x Super Bright SSC U2 Series LEDs. Driver is unknown but output modes are: Hi/Lo/Strobe Light takes 3x18650 batteries. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to do a couple mods: 1. I'd like the driver to do Lo/Med/Hi and no strobe or SOS. 2...
  5. BugLightGeek

    Green/Lime Green LED Lights

    Looking around, I can't find very many LIME GREEN lights. Specifically, looking for a white Cree LED in a bright LIME GREEN colored body. I've already got the Icon Rogue and while the light ALMOST has the right shade of green, it's more yellow than lime green. Also, not as bright as I'd like...
  6. BugLightGeek

    Mag LED bulb

    So, are there any new developments in the LED's for Maglites? I know you can buy stock 3W ones but was wondering if there's anything brighter that still fits a maglite directly since they still use that sleeve that slides over the bulb. I'm wanting a nice, bright LED bulb to go in an old...
  7. BugLightGeek

    Orange Flashlights?

    I've been looking for an orange flashlight and have had little luck. I've seen a Streamlight Vulcan (or something) light that was like $125 - too much :( Pelican Super SabreLite (already have one) :D But really, there don't seem to be many choices for a flashaholic who's wanting an Orange...
  8. BugLightGeek

    Sold/Expired WTB: Camping/Survival LED Lantern & modding services

    I'm looking to create some 72hr Emergency Preparedness kits and want to include some lanterns for emergency situations. I have a couple but aren't too impressed with their brightness or run-times. I'm looking for a couple things: 1. I'd like to buy a couple LED Lanterns with long run-times...
  9. BugLightGeek

    Sold/Expired WTB: Brass LED keychain light

    Looking to upgrade or at least get a backup for my Peak brass 1AAA 3-LED keychain light. Anyone have something like that?
  10. BugLightGeek

    Need new EDC recommendations...

    I've been carrying my Fenix P1D for a little while now as my EDC. I like it for the handy pouch, run-time & size. However, I'm not fond of the level selectons...It starts out on Med, then Hi, then Low. Plus, the switching is a bit tricky and too touchy. You can easily miss the one you want...
  11. BugLightGeek

    Energizer pivoting head 4AA mod?

    I just picked up a new light, the newer iteration of the Energizer 4AA light that has a pivoting head. This is the "Hard Case" series. I vagely remember a mod mentioned on here wayyyyy back when these first came out that talked about changing the light from basically being a 2AA light to a...
  12. BugLightGeek

    Sold/Expired Sold: miniminimag pocket rocket

    I hate to let this go since I just barely got it but a recent employment situation changes things. :( ~black miniminimag host (has some wear around the portion of the body that was cut down. Head is in mint condition as is tailcap. ~MadMax sandwich tuned for any AA configuration as well as...
  13. BugLightGeek

    Streamlight Twin Task mods?

    I know that there's been some mods done to the SureFire A2 (better LED's, brighter incan bulb, and recently, a new PCB board/circutry) But, I was wondering whether or not anyone's done any mods to the various Streamlight Twin Task lights? I have several and would love some...
  14. BugLightGeek

    Sold/Expired WTB: MM sandwich

    I'm looking to buy a MadMax sandwich with a Seoul LED for a miniminimag host I'll be getting. I'll also need a 17mm reflector since I don't think the host was bored out for a 20mm. It will be running off an AA battery. I'm hoping to find one with a nice Seoul LED :grin2: :thanks:
  15. BugLightGeek

    Something Cool!

    I was just messing around last night and noticed something I thought was kind of cool and might be worth exploring by someone with more modding skills than I. :o I have an Aleph LE and noticed that the threads match a spare E1e/E2e head that I had on my desk. The LE just screws right in...
  16. BugLightGeek

    Sold/Expired WTT: new style KL1 for KL1 with reflector

    I have a new-style SureFire KL1 with the new optic. I'd like to trade it with one that has a reflector instead of the optic. Anyone care to do the trade? Might also be interested in someone modding the KL1 for me.
  17. BugLightGeek

    Sold/Expired WTB: Aelph tailcap, black

    Looking to buy an Aelph 2-stage tailcap, black. Ideally, it would have Tritium as well! :D Anyone have a spare tailcap? Also open to Aelph-compatable 2-stage options as well.
  18. BugLightGeek

    Wanted: FLOOD/AREA LED

    I'm wondering what's available as a Flood or Area light with some kind of LED. Specifically, something small. I have one of those River Rock 4AA LED lanterns but it doesn't put out enough light to read by. Ideas? Suggestions?
  19. BugLightGeek

    Sold/Expired WTB: Orb Raw accessories

    I just got my first Orb, an Orb Raw K2 with green tritium! I can't beleive how bright it is and how small it is as well!! :wow: Anyway, I was wondering about a couple accessories for it: ~lanyard - the lanyard hole seems really small (Custom lanyards ok as long as they fit) ~pouch for belt...
  20. BugLightGeek

    Sold/Expired WTB: Aelph compatable parts needed

    I recently bought a CR2 body for my Aelph series lights and decided I don't like having an unfinished light laying around. :naughty: So, I'm looking to buy an Aelph compatable black tailcap. This does not have to be an Aelph series tailcap, it can be a regular SureFire or other compatible...