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    I just notice this is now an option. I haven't been keeping up with LED development. What is new in the Nichia519a compared to 319a?
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    Delta Copper Burgess patina

    Does anyone here have the Copper Burgess? I'm curious to see how it patina.
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    Beta Magnetic

    I just notice the Product page is up. Who's in for one? The Yuji led is a nice suprise.
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    Questions for Delta Ti owners

    Anyone here own a Delta ti and heavily uses it? Does the ti on copper threads requires a bit more maintenance than the EN? What's the lumen maintenance penalty of using Ti? I own a nichia 219c 4000k hcri and sadly lost today, but the tested lumen was 855. I'm considering the heftier Ti version...
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    Metal Tailcap Kit for Alpha/Delta Lights

    For those wanting a Metal Tailcap for your light. The option now is available. That's wave springs looks familiar.
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    Preon P1 MKIII

    The new Preon P1 Pre-poduction is on sale. Anyone here getting it? The efficiency of the light looks to good to be true. I'm bit impressed how much stuff is packed in the light for the price.
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    Beta QR 365nm UV

    A while back Jason previewed a beta with UV led on his instagram. Does any know if he made a small batch? I sure would like one. I remember asking back in 2016 and he said he'll do a small batch.
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    How do you adjust Zebralight's headlamp band?

    It doesn't come with any instruction on how to use it. I just slide one side of the band half way so it pitches. I see a little wear on the center of the band. I wonder if I'm doing it correctly. Is this the correct way to use it? I suppose I could take it apart and double loop it back. Is this...
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    How to do you remove Olight s65 battery tailcap?

    Anyone here own a Olight S35 or s65 light? I want clean the threads on the tail cap. Is it possible to remove the tailcap from the battery holder?