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    BOSS Black Durability

    I was wondering if anyone has any longer term experience using and possibly abusing a HA Aluminum BOSS? I'm trying to decide if I should buy one of the black Al BOSS's to be released next week or wait for the Ti 35's next fall/winter? I was also considering the Ti 70 in the sale section and then...
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    Looking for someone to mod my light

    Checking to see if someone in the US has or is willing to mod my V10rTi with a triple. I have found people outside of the US that are capable of doing the work, but shipping and risk of loss make me want to try and keep it in the US if possible. I have already asked Vinh but he does not want to...
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    need a little push

    I'm looking for a nice EDC light. I finally have it down to the XML EDC. Just not sure if I wanna go with the Brass or Titanium. Anyone have both or carried one or the other that would give their opinion about the metals? How they wear, take punishment and heat... I get paid to turn wrenches...
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    custom lights

    Looking to get into the bottom of the custom market but don't know what's out there. I know of the Mac's and Mcgizmo's... I really like the brass tri edc from Mac. I would like to stay around the $200-250 area. Does anyone make a 14500 light? I like a little more length the 14500 provides over...