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    Looking for replacement switch/spring

    Greetings, I gave a nurse friend an Elektrolumens EDC-XML-R light for transillumination while placing IV lines. Something went wrong with the switch assembly and she took it apart and the spring flew out and was lost. Where can I buy a replacement? It looks a bit bigger than a McClicky and not...
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    Deleted - Rule 10
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    Mineral Oil filled flashlight?

    Greetings, Not sure if this is the right subforum, but... I recently reviewed some of the many projects that submerge computers into tanks of clear mineral oil (for cooling purposes) on YouTube and elsewhere. Mineral oil is non-conductive and has great heat transfer capacity (compared to...
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    Ti Scale cube for macrophotography!

    Here's a pic of my latest gadget for my close-ups to add scale and orientation: Specs at Cheers, Mark
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Tifli (titanium FireFli) ---> Found!

    Greetings, Anyone have a Tifli that they don't use? Please PM, I'd love to buy it. I know there is a sign-up list elsewhere, its just that I'm impatient ;) Cheers, Mark Update 8/28/09 Found one. Thanks all.
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    DIY Foam Cradle for Your Light!

    I was experimenting with different ways to store my lights and thought a custom foam insert would be ideal. This is my first attempt --literally took less than ten minutes to make. The foam will harden over a day or two. Here is my Spy007 in the Pelican box it came with (I switched the black...
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    Sold/Expired (Found) Want to Buy Arc Ti AAA

    Greetings, I'm interested in a ti Arc AAA or a McGizmo Ti Sapphire AAA. Thanks. Regards, Mark Update: I have found a kit, thanks.
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    Some photos of my new kitchen 18 Cree light

    This is my first attempt at a large LED fixture. It is wired directly into the ceiling. In addition to the 18 Crees (15 white and 3 red to warm the color index); I added X10 wireless remote control to activate the LEDs or the T8 tubes (which I retained, but rarely use because they are too...
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    Sold/Expired Found: Elektro Lumens "Lucidus-XR1" alumibronze

    UPDATE 2 Nov 08: A fine CPF member has come through with exactly what I'm seeking, thanks all! Its also good to see more Eleckto Lumens activity around here -- great lights! Cheers, Mark - - - - - - - - -- Greetings, I'm looking to purchase an Elektro Lumens "Lucidus-XR1" in...
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    Anyone drop their 007 yet?

    So... has anyone dropped (or jarred) their 007 yet? Am I the first? <blush> I knocked it over while it was tailstanding and "on" one of the middle settings... For a moment I thought it was having a seizure; it was blinking / flashing; would not turn off or respond to any clicks of the knob...
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    Remember Early Winters clear polycarbonate?

    Anyone remember a 1C (or was it a 1D cell) light from a catalog company called "Early Winters?" Probably from 1992-94ish era? It was a very interesting light, in that the case was all clear polycarbonate, and it came with the newly released lithium battery. It wasn't cheap, the parts were...
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    Is the Post Office stealing my lights???

    [Every so often someone will send me a light that requires a signature.] First time I "lost" a package, I thought it was a fluke. Then my Peu titanium E body "disappeared." Now another light is missing. It seems this is what's happening: I'm home (work at home) during the day. Mail is...
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    Sold/Expired Want to Buy Ti Draco

    Request Withdrawn, as I may have a trade in progress. Thanks all for your comments. =Mark - - - - - - - - - - Greetings, Looking for a Ti Draco (small configuration; no AAA or large relector options) but needs to have the lanyard ring attachment point. If you have one to part with...
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    US Gov't wants 15" x 2.5" anodized tube w/fan

    I came across this request elsewhere and thought it may be within the capabilities of many of the folks around here. Functionally, it would look like a big flashlight, except uses a fan instead of a light source, in a Pelican-type box. Uncle Sam is willing to pay almost $2,000 ea. for these...
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    Sold/Expired Elektro Lumens Blaster 1D //FOUND

    Greetings, I'm looking for the odd, 1D Blaster (single Micropuck version) with P4 LED that were made a couple months ago by Elektro Lumens. If you have one for sale, please advise by private msg here. Thanks. Thanks, Mark EDIT 14May07: A kind CPF member has offered me one, thanks.
  16. reptiles BANNED in China!

    According to this test server our beloved CPF is banned on the other side of the Great Wall. Well at least it will be harder for them to copy some flashlight designs that may be popular here. Regards, Mark
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    Glow in the dark garage door --tacky?

    I was looking at some of the new waterproof (solvent based) glow paint by such as I'm wondering if I paint my garage door with it --and pull into the driveway with my headlights on high... it should look fairly bright when I shut off...
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    Cree XR-E fixed lighting (7 Leds) seen.

    Greetings, I saw this very interesting fixed lighting unit (replaces a light bulb) that has 7 Cree XR-E LEDs and a build in finned heat sink. Its just over $100 and I was hoping someone here might be familiar with it and offer...
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    Sold/Expired WTB McGizmo Ti S27 PD

    Greetings, I'm also interested in this light; missed the last batch. If you have one and are in the unlikely position of de-acquisition, do advise via private msg on this forum. (Not looking for a clickie.) I will buy from a US or international seller. Thanks, Mark
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    How to power Osram 64623 in a D body?

    Greetings, I'm thinking of my first major hotwire light. I already ordered the fine looking 3" aluminum head (mates to a D size Mag) that Delghi is making. Includes the glass lens. I requested a bulb opening of 0.472 in the Carley relector so I can use an Osram 64623 (or similiar bulb.)...