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  1. Alone In The Dark

    Fenix Help us pick our new Cerakote pattern! Vote in the comments!

    My vote goes to D.
  2. Alone In The Dark

    Google Thanos and see what happens

    That is awesome!
  3. Alone In The Dark


    I have been away from the forum for a while. I am pleased to see that some of you have furthered your already amazing collections and kept this thread going strong. :twothumbs
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    I like it... :laughing:
  5. Alone In The Dark

    Fenix SNEAK PEAK BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! You Will Be Super Excited!

    I am bummed that you are making this a "Black Friday special". I am not going to be able to order one because my family and I go out of town to celebrate Thanksgiving with our extended family.
  6. Alone In The Dark

    So long Photobucket

    So many threads on so many forums have been destroyed... :(
  7. Alone In The Dark

    Maglight refurbishing service?

    Oh, it is definitely worth it. ;)
  8. Alone In The Dark

    Fenix Time for the June Monthly GiveAway!

    "I want this." Thank you, fenix store. :thumbsup:
  9. Alone In The Dark

    Fenix MOST EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS EVER! New Loyalty Program--Earn Bucks With Each Purchase.

    As I understand it, yes and no... For example, let's say that you spend $378.00 at Fenix Store. The 378 lumen bucks that you earn on that purchase cannot be used for anything. Those lumen bucks are basically worthless until you spend another $122 at Fenix Store. Once you have 500 lumen...
  10. Alone In The Dark

    Fenix 20% Off for Father's Day!

    I got your email earlier today and already used the 20% discount to purchase some cool Father's Day gifts. Thank you, Fenix Store! :thumbsup:
  11. Alone In The Dark

    Interesting article on Maglite and "Made In USA" federal bill

    It makes sense to me. Does anyone see any downsides to the passing of this federal bill?
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    Nice! :thumbsup:
  13. Alone In The Dark

    Sold/Expired ***SOLD*** FS: Olight S1 Baton

    Re: FS: Olight S1 Baton I will take it for our agreed upon price. Thank you again! :cool:
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    Woohoo! Maglite contacted me by email the other day to inform me that I won. :D I owe you a huge shout of thanks, LiftdT4R. When I first read through the contest rules, I had to agree with you that the old incandescent flashlights would likely be the main draw. I therefore went a different...
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    Fenix It's Monthly Giveaway Time!

    I will put them on my microphone. No more mic drop! :D
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    New From Maglite

  17. Alone In The Dark


    I agree with you. It is confusing in the other categories as well. For example, I provided a picture of one of my Mag-Tac lights with a relatively low serial number. Someone else had a lower serial number Mag-Tac, but his flashlight was the rechargeable version that would have been...
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    Does anyone here know when the results of this contest are supposed to be announced?
  19. Alone In The Dark

    The Be All, End All EDC Light request.

  20. Alone In The Dark

    You will love this NASA penlight

    Re: You will love this NASA flashlight That is a great link! Thank you for posting it. . . . EDIT: And with that being my 100th post, I have gone from being "enlightened" to a "flashaholic". I need one of these replica NASA flashlights to celebrate! :D