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  1. lucca brassi

    Salvo 10W HID Light Head Repair or Mod

    Hi I sell all those chargeres from 7,2V as 200 HP uses I think larger than AA it had around 2300mAh . It was smart charger inside with NiMH charging curve . Just use some smart charger it will detect batteries inside and adapt voltage . Smart charger is better because it can wake up almost...
  2. lucca brassi

    Salvo 10W HID Light Head Repair or Mod

    I just bought two heads on FB for first trys get them on Wednesday . Plastic testubes I allready have . I get some idea which might be crazy simple , but I have to test it first. last time i don't work so much because I have switch job and have a lot to learn in electronic production...
  3. lucca brassi


    can't edit and repair links ???
  4. lucca brassi

    Focus light for Canon WP-DC54 housing

    some kraken light ( have also nice remote )
  5. lucca brassi

    DIY fiber optic snoot

    Some kind of epoxy transparent resin which is also waterproof for instance: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- First you have to fit these fibres in some stainless steel (nickel brass ) form together or better...
  6. lucca brassi

    MB-SUB VB50 Cave review

    what is problem ?
  7. lucca brassi

    Replacement Lithium Magnum batteries

    Only what you need is amount same voltage and bigger battery capacity . Measure your battery tank and buy batteries . I have made 2 packs for 160€ BMS included , [email protected] LiFePO4 pack 25...
  8. lucca brassi

    DIY Diving Lights

    Lamps works , what you need more :tired: ..... maybe white laser flashlight :devil: ( need just 250€ to buy it and rip out module ) builders are also here to help
  9. lucca brassi

    How to open Light Monkey sealed battery pack?

    How did you pick up - plastic cover ; with a compressed air through battery pins hole ? I just have rebuild 2 battery packs with 32650 6Ah LiFePO4 on 4S3P that means 13,[email protected] 18Ah . With BMS size H= 220mm and fi=77mm . Pack of 25 cells =139€
  10. lucca brassi

    Budget DIY strobe?

    - Buy defected light with good condition housing , put inside normal strobe without housing - just use hi power scubalight with difuser , battery will hold short exposure times - repair scuba strobe ; lot of scuba strobes for low price ...
  11. lucca brassi

    Repairing a 5000Lm HDVSeaTek video light - help with LED array

    I did not find nothing from them , what could represent them as original manufacturer. It is not something innovative , good design , good manufacturing ,....... so who care :o but I have find some other jewel .....most explore more.
  12. lucca brassi

    Repairing a 5000Lm HDVSeaTek video light - help with LED array

    These lights are standard china brand , like ; a few years ago they are many on eBay HDVSeaTek is only sticker over housing.
  13. lucca brassi

    Welcome all divers!

    Hi ! Where you come from ?
  14. lucca brassi

    Macro Ring Light

    :twothumbs KISS
  15. lucca brassi

    Macro Ring Light

    all kind of those rings you have for microscopy with drivers a good idea it is to run light by segments to get some side illuminated object an than photo like...
  16. lucca brassi

    E/O cord how it's done

    Well another link that time in English : PS: I can not bring you all details on plate , you still need some engineering skills , it is doable , but ''summa summarum'' it not pay off :devil: :caution:
  17. lucca brassi

    E/O cord how it's done good luck ;-)))
  18. lucca brassi

    Any good tips on small indicator lamps? Why ? Where screw should go ? Unscrewing force arises from filling gaps with a compressed volume of sealent
  19. lucca brassi

    Any good tips on small indicator lamps?

    You don't need to bond. The purpose of the sealant is to expand itself during polymerization and fill the slots in the screw helix , so it prevent of water invasion . ( you could use PTF teflon )
  20. lucca brassi

    A canister made without a lathe

    look for ''plastomagnets'' my company also produce them but not in some usable shape ; they could be very strong