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    how much throw do we need ? really!

    For EDC I'm happy at 25yds & overjoyed at 50. 4k/L & up will get you to 100yds with even a weak hot spot. I can reach out to a point that I can't tell what I'm seeing so I'd guess I'm good
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    What's this LEP all about

    As it is a handgun sized light even 1/2 the claimed throw is about 5x the range of a common handgun. At those kind of distances the lack of spill would be a negative for most / many users. A 1 1/2" head LEP powered by 3 123a(9v) batteries would most likely get you out to 400yds in a package...
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    What's this LEP all about

    As prices drop I expect to see a BIG move of LEP lights into the weapon(s) based use. I have an Acebeam L17 on a carbine, works well but it doesn't have the range to be used on my 30-06 & a current LED that can reach 400+ yards with bright light & little spill doesn't exist & if it did I'm...
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    Sofirn S32A v2

    It's dead. One drop (from the 2nd floor) was enough to do it in. Nothing broke & very very little noticeable damage but no light, no way, no how. Anyone know how to take this thing apart? I'd like to see if I can find the fail point
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    Things I've learned the hard way . . .(Part 2)

    A low fuel light on a motorcycle is not as useful as a manual fuel petcock
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    VezerLezer ED10 review

    One month in I like the light even more with use. The ramp setting is still waaaaay to fast but I prefer stepped & they're still useful & well spaced. 6500K still isn't my favorite but at the lower levels I've been using I've notice little to no eye strain. Beam is a bit narrower than I'd prefer...
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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    Hit up the local spots today (BJ's & Marc's) doing a bit of food shopping. Found a few bare spots on the shelves. Some prices up more than other but up pretty much up across the board. As a boy scout & hillbilly, not to worried about shortages of less than a year. Might not eat as well as I'd...
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    which battery do you prefere for pocket flashlights?

    For pocket lights (AA & AAA) I stay with Energizer Lithium cells. Other lights I usually just get the battery offered as/in the package from the Mfg
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    the perfect light dont exist maybe it wont ever

    The perfect light doesn't & most likely will never exist. It's not just the Olight battery issue but it surely doesn't help. I use my light indoor, at ranges less than 50' & for longer than normal runs. This weekend my light was on a mid range (approx 125/150L) for 5 straight hours. It will...
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    Old laptop recycling

    You would need to be a pretty high profile user to make that kind of data diving worthwhile. Yea data could/would be recovered but it would take major time/work to make any sense of the fragments recovered. Me myself & I is more worried about monkeypox
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    Old laptop recycling

    Nothing needs to be removed & destroyed. In Win 7 & newer you just need to delete the user name(s) that you use(d). That gets rid of any personal info/files on the HD. Then use system restore found under Problem Shooting. That refreshes the OP system to original settings, deleting apps &...
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    IMALENT MR90 pop can flashlight. 50,000 lumens - 1586m beam distance - Fan assisted - 8 x XHP70.2 = 1 x SBT90.2 - 19V/2A DC fast charging & built-in 4

    I'm going to guess if you have a 50k/l light to reach for you most likely have an 18650 light in your pocket. Use the low on that one or do you drive nails with a sledgehammer too
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    how many mpg do you get?

    94 Tracker 24.5 over the last 3 tanks. 84 Magna 39.1 over last 3 tanks.
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    Nonsensical Fenix UI

    Fenix UIs are a MAJOR problem. Sofirn for a lower end light CRUSHES Fenix when it comes to the UI. Using Anduril is one big step but ever the smaller, lower output lights have shortcuts to ML & Turbo & either a memory mode or a simple 3 step scroll that leave out ML + Turbo. Worlds better than...
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    how does ebay sellers make money?

    Many work somewhere with a large shipping dept & just slip it in the Q for the company to pay. In a shop that ships 100s of items a day an extra 2 or 3 go unnoticed
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    would you trust a 18650 battery flashlight to be dependable for if the stuff hits the fan?

    Yes. Sad to say if the grid is down light will be a rally point for anyone (most) who didn't plan ahead so a big lumen light or light(s) used for a long(er) time frame is not a good idea but blackout drapes would be. That said, two is one & one is none. Duel fuel lights are a good idea as are...
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    Review: Sofirn SC21 Pro with LH351D 5000K

    I have an older, non Anduril SC21 & while I like Anduril UI I don't think a light this size really gains any real benefit from having it. The standard SC21 UI with its shortcuts to ML, turbo & strobe + a memory that can only be one of only 3 well spaced levels, Anduril steps or ramping doesn't...
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    Convoy 12-group flashlight owners...which mode do you prefer?

    I ended up on 10 for pretty much the same reasons. I did try 8 for awhile when I used the light at sales before getting a better indoor light
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    Do Any LED Flashlights Have A Strobe Mode That Switches Patterns Automatically?

    As far as I know all my lights have a strobe mode but to date I've NEVER used one in 15+ years