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  1. TooManyGizmos

    What neutralizes leaky Alkaline battery acid ? Search no work.

    ~ I searched for "alkaline battery acid" and got no results. I had one leak on my work bench in a hot garage ..... Can someone refresh my memory for what to use to remove it ? As I seem to recall ... the answer is not Baking Soda/water paste. Even though that does work on keaky Auto wet cells...
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    ~ GAS prices are HIGH ...... and still rising !! Sometimes we forget to do routine-preventative maintanance on our vehicles . Here are some things you may not have done recently ... but should consider ! Change your plugs and air cleaner and pour in some fuel injector cleaner to your gas...
  3. TooManyGizmos

    3-Lumen ThruNite *Ti* (tiny) 2 level 'AAA' (aluminum)

    .. Any Moderator-please consider for submission in the Reviews forum ~ ThruNite *Ti*(tiny) 2 level 'AAA' (aluminum) light w/ 3lum. low { Note & Disclaimer : .. This is basically a copy of my review of the *FireFli* version, but pertinant wording has been edited to make it relevant to the...
  4. TooManyGizmos

    ThruNite T10 *AA* (Twistie)w/FireFly .09lum>Low 9lum>Hi 115lum//and Memory

    . .Any Moderator-please consider for submission in the Reviews forum ~ ThruNite T10 *AA* (Twistie)w/FireFly .09lum>Low 9lum>Hi 115lum//and Memory My *TooManyGizmos* Summation first ... (getting right to the point of the review) I like this light (A LOT) because it has 3 useful and well...
  5. TooManyGizmos

    ThruNite "Ti", tiny 2 level 'AAA' (aluminum) light with 0.04 lumen FireFli Low.

    ThruNite "Ti", tiny 2 level 'AAA' (aluminum) light with 0.04 lumen FireFli Low. ~:) (late to the Review party, but here to share my delight in .04 lumen use) ThruNite "Ti", (tiny) 2 level 'AAA' (aluminum) light with 0.04 lumen Low. I will give my summation first , This is now my favorite...
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    "foof" Add-on slows loading of Firefox browsers.

    ~ :) A Heads-up for FireFox browser users (who use add-ons) "foof" add-on may slow your Firefox loading time to 35 seconds ! I use an older version (3.6.17) of Firefox browser with many Add-on's . "foof" was an add-on to remove advertising from your browsing . The "foof" add-on is NOW...
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    Recall of NexTorch™ NT123A flashlight batteries - 3 weeks ago.

    ~ I searched CPF and didn't find this ... so ... To make everyone aware of this Battery recall 3 weeks ago ... By the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission ... Link to Recall of 16,000 NexTorch™ NT123A flashlight batteries Sold at: Firearm dealers and law enforcement supply stores, and...
  8. TooManyGizmos

    Rubbery/Tacky Heatshrink tubing anywhere ?

    :confused: I know about skateboard tape , but I don't want gritty surface. And I don't want a line where it meets. Heatshrink tubing I've seen is slick/plastic type material. I want to cover the body tubes of some lights with a tacky material that is also warm to the touch , to avoid the cold...
  9. TooManyGizmos

    Any 3-way Spiral CFL lights ? anywhere ?

    Have I just missed seeing 3-way Spiral CFL lights on the shelves ? Are they made or can they NOT be made ? I want incan. replacements , but I don't want just one brightness . Be nice to have a 3-way that doesn't blow out in 6 months. .
  10. TooManyGizmos

    12v. car batteries ... resting voltage ? When to replace ?

    What should the resting voltage of a 12v. car battery be , 2 hours after driving the car 8 miles ? I think when bought new , the voltage is 12.70 volts. What resting voltage would be a hint the batt. is about to fail , and should be replaced ? Or can this only be determined by a cranking/amp...
  11. TooManyGizmos

    Any health hazards of Tritium vial on neck lanyard ?

    ? If you wear a light on a neck lanyard with a tritium vial in it ..... That puts the tritium 3 inches from your heart . Since it stays in the exact same spot all the time , I'm wondering could that be hazardous to your health ? Just how radioactive is this tritium stuff ? Does it pose a...
  12. TooManyGizmos

    AW brand 10440's now with Soshine label ! !

    :confused: Brand change awareness alert : Lighthound is a *reseller* of "AW" Li-Ion batteries..... locally in the U.S.A. Lighthound is now selling Soshine 10440's with the Soshine label on them as the "AW" brand 10440 battery. Just thought some of you would like to know. They are 400mAh...
  13. TooManyGizmos

    10440 Li-Ion's ...Where to get RELIABLE charger ??

    I just ordered a $15.00 Ultrafire WF-138 charger (item i.d. UFCHGAAA) for AAA/AA Li-Ion's (10440's) It arrived defective out of the box. Anyone know where to get a reliable Li-Ion 10440 charger these days ? I bought from a well known respectable USA E-tailer we all use,but the supply seems to...
  14. TooManyGizmos

    What dealers sell Zebralight H60 for less than $99

    At 4sevens site the H60 is $99.00 which includes TWO 18650 batteries and a wall charger which I'm forced to buy as a package deal.(which I dont need,have plenty):rant: And I dont even see a picture or details of the charger and batteries. Why cant we buy just the H60 alone for less than $99.00...
  15. TooManyGizmos

    Why 4 contacts on cell phone batteries ?

    :thinking: It dawned on me that all cell phone batteries I've seen have 4 contacts rather than two. Can anyone tell me why that is ? Thanks:D
  16. TooManyGizmos

    Do you have a magicJack / is it gimick - or Good ?

    Do you have a MagicJack / is it gimick - or Good ?( 1 Yr UPDATE ) .. :tinfoil: .. I did a search of this Cafe' Forum - no hits - so I'm asking . Been seeing a lot of 30 min. Infomertials about the *MagicJack* broadband phone jack. I've thought about getting one (cost is not excessive).... but...
  17. TooManyGizmos

    Is Deoxit conductive/will it short & drain batt. between close contact points ?

    :caution:..... I'm wondering since we all use it on our lights - as of recently. (growing popularity) Lets say .... we use it in the head of our light , on the pos.+ terminal and on the neg.- contact ring. (such as a Nitecore PD-EX/D10) A drop spreads out ! If we get too much on there and...
  18. TooManyGizmos

    Significance of grey,black,blue-battery wrappers ?

    .. :confused:.. I have several Li-Ion batteries in 14500,16340,17670 and 18650 sizes. They have various grey,black,blue,purple shrink wrap covers on them. Some don't even have descriptive labeling on them telling what they are, what capacity, protected or Non, who made them, or who's brand...
  19. TooManyGizmos

    A design concept I'd like to see on LED lights.

    .. :grin2: ... I'm wondering if this could be possible ? How about lights made with TWO control buttons to make ALL options available under variable circumstances and needs .... on one light ? One tactical button on the rear / One variable button on the side - near the front - (like MAG...
  20. TooManyGizmos

    Holiday Gifting / our Reviewers need Funding

    . :grouphug: . :santa: . :santa: . :santa: . :grouphug: . :santa: . :santa: . :santa: . :grouphug: . Our "in-house" .... CPF testers are a valuable asset to our community of flashlight addicts . During this Holiday gift-giving season , Please consider their selfless contributions ...