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  1. CYMac

    Thrunite TN36 2017 10,000 Lumens Review

    Hey guys, long time no see! Back here to post a few reviews and also see who can give some comments on the technical stuff. Just go the Thrunite TN36 2017 in hand and testing it out, and somehow I am lucky to have TWO together in hand :) So I did a little test with the two using 4x normal...
  2. CYMac

    Review: DQG series Mini Flashlights or Micro Flashlights, DQG Hobi, DQG Fairy

    Not sure how small flashlight can get in 5 more years, but this DQG Fairy and DQG Hobi is crazy small, even more microscopic than the JETBeam Mini-1 pendant light I used to think is small already. The sad thing is, the packaging is crap, and there is no battery, charger and chain for your neck...
  3. CYMac

    Micro Lights! JETBeam Mini-1, 130 Lumens - Toy for All Flashaholics

    I don't know if you are in need of any gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend, but this package - JETBeam Mini-1, is just the perfect thing I would like to suggest to anyone who is in need of ideas for this kinda thing. The HEART shaped container is just putting a label on the product lol! I...
  4. CYMac

    Review with Video: Klarus Mi7, 700 Lumens Monster EDC

    As promised in another post, the klarus Mi7 review! First off, I am no expert in measuring lumens, voltage and other specific numbers, but I am just going to say - this thing is LEGIT because it is really as bright as I wanted it to be, and 700 lumens or not is not a problem. I compared it to...
  5. CYMac

    Review with Video: Thrunite TN40 Throw King, 1151meters, 4450Lumens and Fun Facts

    Hey guys, super excited today, got my Thrunite TN40 in the mail and here we go, the first hands on review! I am not an expert with all those graphs and charts or numbers, but at least I can tell you what a normal guy can tell you - it's crazy! The light is, of course, powerful, but that is...
  6. CYMac

    Review with Video: Convoy L6 3800 Lumens for about $50?

    Not sure how legit this 3800 lumen is, the Convoy L6 is definitely a very budget-friendly beast. I have fried it myself now, and sadly not 26650 around for the full package fun, but 18650 2x still works int he light, whew! I have to do more torture test and crazy things with the light to see if...
  7. CYMac

    Review with Video: Why Not Cheapos, EBAY Cheapo "CREE" Lights

    I have had enough of cheapos, it's time to tell people why not get one. Those zoomable CREE whatever names on EBAY and such is just getting me mad. I have to buy a few to test it myself. LOL! They are cheap, they are everywhere, and beloved by people who don't know anything about flashlights...
  8. CYMac

    Review with Video: Seeing is Believing, 7300 Lumens Thrunite TN36-UT King of Flood

    *Submission for Review Forum. I am not trying to market stuff here, but you GOT to see this king of flood! When I was first hype'd by the idea of having 7300lumens in the hand and size of a Tiny Monster, it is just impossible to stop thinking about it and seeing it myself to compare it with...
  9. CYMac

    Review with Video: AMO VF21 Video Camera Flashlight, Must Have EDC!

    *For submission to the Review Forum We are all happy with our lights as a flashlight, but I have learned that we can go a bit further with our hobby, by trying something new, something I have been dreaming of that combined my interests into one. CAMERA-FLASHLIGHT! AMO VF21, is not the best...
  10. CYMac

    Review with Video: Klarus RS20, Stunning Side-Lights and Great Ussage!

    *For submission to Review Forum. Have not came here for a while but decided to give it a try again since I am doing more light videos these days. I have to start with the Klarus RS20 which is the most impressive and commonly used light by myself nowadays -not for lighting up things in the...
  11. CYMac

    Nitecore TM26 - The new beast, 3500 Lumens

    Anyone got a lux meter that can eat this beast? This is my vid today~ super cool, super birght, super compact. As compare to the TM11, I think TM11 is still a nice pal, they are both different and cool in their own way. Love the nice reading feature with battery usage though, and also a free...
  12. CYMac

    The insane light saber test video

    You know it. No talk, just watch, who is a flashaholic and don't understand this fun???? :)
  13. CYMac

    Olight Baton S80 - This guy is good thrower too!

    I can't believe it, with the OP, this guy actually is very bright and throws quite well! Love the rechargeable thing with a cord. Somehow these lights are quite cool for "home and casual use". Not a light for tactical use (law enforcement, fighting, combat, etc.) but then it is great if you...
  14. CYMac

    Olight M20 Warrior With SMO and OP reflectors..

    Hey guys, here is my test on both and what do you guys think? Any M20 users out there still? I think this light is great even with 320 lumens.. the power of the light is superb and 320 really kinda under rated it. OP test SMO test...
  15. CYMac

    tac holster for Lumintop TD15x or Olight M30?

    Will the Blackhawk stuff fit the TD15x and M30? I saw that they are quite good.. any new suggestions?
  16. CYMac

    Nitecore EC1 - anyone have this problem?

    Anyone have this and used the RCR in the light? I turned it on turbo for only like less than 1 mins and it turn off already. Later on, I checked and the battery seems to be used up. So plugged the 2nd RCR in and it work again but same patter apply. What is wrong? When you plug in a normal...
  17. CYMac

    Pelican 7060 Amazed me...

    Today I got my Pelican 7060 and is VERY surprised. The light is crappy at first impression but now it is golden. Why? We got used to all the metal bodies all the time and high power, high lumens, you know.. yeah.. I used to hang out with my M30/TD15x, which throws out 700+ lumens, what can this...
  18. CYMac

    What? PA10 is so low power with 14500?

    Okay, but how the heck JETBeam can claim 650 lumens with a single 14500?! This is shocking to see! I wanna hear some of your comment~
  19. CYMac

    Flashlight Carrying Ideas - Innovative ideas for flashlights EDC

    All of you do EDC flashlights but how many of you have innovative ideas to share? If you do, please show us how you do it~ Here are mine!