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    My wife likes to say that I complain about everything. Not true. I complain about most things. One thing I rarely do is complain publically about a product. Well that is about to change. My reason is simple. I relied on a recommended product (Titanium Lithiums) for use in emergency situations...
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    Dorcy 1D mods?

    I like quirky lights, so in keeping with my taste for the unusual, I asked Mirage_Man to take his lathe to a 2D Dorcy. Thank you Brian. :) The body has been cut to a 1D length and grooved. My plan is to mod the light with a single SSC, and a modified Mag reflector, using either the stock bulb...
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    Pila IBC Charger Q - Temp. variations per battery slot

    I recently purchased the IBC smart charger- initially to charge only my Pila 600s. Then I decided to experiement with a few of AW's 18650s, 14670s, and 14500s. The charger seems to work fine. The batteries come off at normal ratings - obviously at little above but they settle down after a bit...