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    Two Spyderco Salt knives

    I have a Manbug Salt and Ladybug Hawkbill Salt in serrated H1 for sale. Both are centered, solid, and sharp. Manbug has had some modding done, Rit Dyed scales and added grooves to take a Dragonfly wire clip. Throwing in a handful of other goodies as well. Gerber Shard multitool, Leatherman...
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    Closest light to a rechargeable Photon Freedom

    Hey folks. I'm wondering what the closest thing to a rechargeable photon freedom is out there on the market. I have pretty much been using a photon freedom for all my around the house at night light needs for a while now, and while I love it, especially with a warm Yuji plugged in there, I...
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    Pair of Fenix E01

    For sale is a set of 13 lumen E01s. One has a sanded led and the other is stock. Both have a ding or two on the bezel but overall in great condition. $30 shipped for both. PayPal only. Thanks.
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    For Sale Vintage Old Cross Victorinox Pioneer (Sturdy Boy)

    Hey all, I have for sale an Old Cross Victorinox Pioneer with red Alox scales. This knife is in excellent condition. All tools have zero play when open and very strong and solid snap. There are some spots of missing ano but nothing major. Overall excellent condition for a knife that is over...
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    Sold/Expired Knife Lot

    Clearing things out. Here is a group of items that I'm looking to pass along. All in used but good to great condition. Victorinox money clip in excellent condition with little use. Victorinox Alox Classic used Small stainless barlow knife made in Japan used Kabar Dozier reground to Dozier...
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    Sold/Expired Knife and watch package

    Thought I'd put together one of my little random package deals here. I have a Victorinox money clip multi-tool in excellent condition along with a vintage Casio A160 that I'm looking to sell. Both of these are catch and release and while both are great, I have other things I know I will use...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD

    Asking $50 shipped to lower 48 PayPal only. Light is in like new condition. Thanks for looking.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD

    This is a catch and release. Asking $45 shipped to lower 48 PayPal only. First I’ll take it. Light is in excellent condition and has a few wear marks on the bezel. Comes with the adapter to allow 2xaa. Pics of the light are in this thread. Can’t load pics right this second...
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    Jetbeam Jet version 1.0

    Does anyone have experience with this light? Looks like a pretty close relative of the older Fenix L1P, but has an adapter option.
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    An attempt at moderation, contentment, and gratitude

    I should not be on forums. Forums of any kind. While I enjoy the reading, interacting, and learning, it always ends up making me feel like what I have going isn't enough. My mountain bike could use some upgrades, I should switch to this type of camera lens, this pocket knife could really be...
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    Nitecore MT1A

    Can anyone out there relay their experiences with this light and let me know if you'd recommend it or not? I'm looking for a single AA light that has a forward clicky and can be set to come on in High mode. Don't need Hi Cri or anything like that. Just looking for something reliable and that...
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    Sold/Expired deleted

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    Sold/Expired WTB: Fenix E01 (not the V2)

    Looking to pick up a Fenix E01 or maybe two. Please PM me if you have any you're willing to part with. Thank you.
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    Sold/Expired Spyderco plus two freebies

    I have for sale a Spyderco Pacific Salt serrated edge. This knife is in excellent condition with a factory edge. Blade is centered and solid with great action. This knife is a beast. Buy this knife and I will throw in a Kabar Dozier in coyote tan as well as a Kabar Mini Dozier in black...
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    Sold/Expired WTS Zebralight H53W

    I am looking to sell this Zebralight H53W. Great light, programs perfectly, in great condition. Comes with everything but the original box. Looks new and functions perfectly. The smudge you can see in the picture wiped off. Looks flawless. Tis the season to downsize. Asking $45 shipped to...
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    Sold/Expired Withdrawn

    Hey folks, I have a Zebralight H53W in great condition for sale. Good tint, excellent UI that programs flawlessly. There is a slight rub mark on the head that you can see in the photo and another on the other side but no major chips or dings. Runs on a single AA or single AAA. Pretty cool...
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    Sold/Expired Flashlights/Tools/Knife Bundle

    Clearing out a few items. All used but in great condition. The Fenix E01s have the leds sanded for a smoother beam. Along with the lights are a Mora Eldris, a Victorinox Bantam w/ nylon scales, a Victorinox Tinker, and a Leatherman P4. Asking $50 shipped for everything. Less than $10 per...
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    Sold/Expired WTS Spyderco Delica ZD-189

    Hey folks I have a VERY lightly used Delica ZDP-189 for sale. Picked this up only a few days ago and then tripped and bought a Benchmade so this needs to go. Has only cut a bit of paper and a few limes. A hint of patina is forming from the citrus. That can be built upon or polished out...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD

    Ok I'm on a roll here. Let's clear em' out. I have a Fenix E01 and an LD11 both barely used. LD11 comes with original sheath, pocket clip, lanyard, and extra o-rings. The E01 is practically new. Again I'd like to just make one trip out to ship stuff so I'm going rock-bottom on the price to...
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    Sold/Expired Foursevens Quark AA and 2AA package

    Hello......flashlight people. (A little shout-out to my man Virtuovice) :) I have a little Quark catch and release for you. Picked this up to give the old Quark tactical UI a try but have my sights set on other stuff right now so looking to pass these along. Quark AA2 tactical in a mystery...