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  1. Cuso

    Sold/Expired FS: Aleph-3 4 cell Prototype *SOLD*

    I'm letting go of my queen. I haven't had a sale in a loong time on this halls so bear with me. What you see here is an Aleph-3 4 cell Prototype. 1- All 3 parts of the flashlight ( head, body and tail ) have tritium slots milled into it. The head takes 1mmx4mm vials, the body takes 2mmx8mm...
  2. Cuso

    Sold/Expired WTB: LionCub parts

    I'm mainly looking for a control module with board/switch and an RPM knurled head , but PM what you have ...
  3. Cuso

    Sold/Expired FOUND! : LionCub switch cover and XPG on 20mm star

    I recently scored a LionCub on the marketplace, but it came with a blue cover .I'm looking to replace it with a black or red one. If any oldschoolers out there have some please let me know. Also looking for any XPG on a 20mm star...PM me! :thumbsup:
  4. Cuso

    Sold/Expired FS: Brass Fire-Fly III <>

    Let's see if we have more luck on this over here. I bought this light some time ago here on CPF. Its in pristine condition and includes the pocket body pictured. One little detail though, this light came to me with a weird C sorta stamped into the key-chain body , the pocket body is mint...
  5. Cuso

    Sold/Expired SOLD! Hard Chrome Aleph III - Seoul Downboy LE - 2 Stage Tailswitch <<PRICE DROP>>

    SOLD! Hard Chrome Aleph III - Seoul Downboy LE - 2 Stage Tailswitch <<PRICE DROP>> OK, I just found a Brass Firefly and my significant other caught me right when I was hitting the "send money" button of shame. So to satisfy her desire of destruction and to avoid me having to go spend the night...
  6. Cuso

    Maratac AAA Cu tarnish progression

    Here's my Maratac AAA Cu starting to tarnish. Even though it would be ideal for me for it to get Statue Of Liberty green tarnished, Ill be happy if it goes down to 1974 penny down there...:D The high polished finish is putting me off , so I will probably ScotchBrite this light and get rid of...
  7. Cuso

    Sold/Expired WTB: Stainless Bezel for Aleph 3 head

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a bezel to protect the front of my Aleph 3 head. Crenelated or plain. PM me or post here, Thanks...
  8. Cuso

    Sold/Expired Looking for 1 green 1.5 x 5 mm trit...

    Just need one for my ARC6, PM me...Found Also looking for a Green 1.5mm x 5mm trit. Still looking
  9. Cuso

    Problems with U3 SSC

    I recently received some U3 binned SSC LEDS from one of our dealers and after installing 2 of them in a couple of lights I'm having some issues. One of them replaced a SSC in one of my Novatacs. Has most of us know Novatac heatsinks come anodized from the factory to isolate the slug. I used...
  10. Cuso

    Ti Fenix PD10??

    So who has more info on this??
  11. Cuso

    "Issues" with Chase bank..Opinions?

    Ok, so I decided to open up a regular chekings account with Chase. Everything went smooth until I tried to deposit a couple thousand dollars check from my wife's account back in P.R. . The first try, the bank back in PR denied cashing the check because it was not endorsed and was made to cash...
  12. Cuso

    Energizer 1 watt, or should I say 3 watts now...

    Yeah, I got kinda bored with the 14500 driven little XR-C and its small hotspot, so I decided to upgrade. The led comes from the salvaged Coleman CR2 lights, I got a couple from that last sale and decided to give it some new life. 1.First getting the little ******* open. It had some sort of...
  13. Cuso

    Sold/Expired MOVED TO MP

  14. Cuso

    Sold/Expired WTB: A couple copper discs for SEOUL leds .027 or .030

    I'm in need for some of this. If anyone has a couple to spare let me know. The Sandwich Shoppe has .030 , but the shipping kills the deal for just this very small pieces of copper. If you have some let me know , I'll be glad to pay for them...Thanks
  15. Cuso

    Photobucket Premium acc., is it worth it???

    Im planing on unloading a lot of stuff on [email protected] soon, does the Photobucket acc allows me to upload complete file folders or 1 pic at a time?? Also is the premium acc. really worth it? I dont want my pics to exceed the bandwidth once I post them up on [email protected] If anyone with a premium acc can chime...
  16. Cuso

    Sold/Expired SOLD Peak Rainier Stainless Steel K2 TFFC Modded

    I got this light some time ago in the Marketplace, absolutely love it , but its not getting any love at the moment so Im putting it up. It a Peak Rainier Stainless modded with a K2 TFFC from Photonfanatic. The tint is warm , just has I like them, and bright has hell on RCR123. Its not my mod, it...
  17. Cuso

    Sold/Expired SOLD Unique PEU AlTin coated SS bezel with 3 Green trits SOLD

    I'm letting the last of my custom pieces go, medical bills and no insurance :(. This is a PEU SS crenelated bezel with green tritiums installed. Its unique because its coated in AlTin. It has a smooth texture and nice greish color. Had it installed on a black Novatac, but I sold it too. I was...
  18. Cuso

    Sold/Expired WTB: Empty PEU bezel...

    Looking for an empty PEU bezel for a little project..PM me.
  19. Cuso

    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN.. Titanium Bezel for a Peu bezel with empty trit slots

    Yes thats right , I'll send you my mint Ti bezel , you send me your empty Peu bezel, and we are all happy...Its the bezel that fits HDS, A19, McLuxes... The Peu bezel must be in pristine condition... WITHDRAWN
  20. Cuso

    Sold/Expired WTB: 1 or 2 K2 TFFC emmiters any bin...

    I need a K2 TFFC emmiter for a little mod, I don't care if its recall or not... PM please..