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    Maglite XPG Canister mod

    Hi all, after reading Packhorse's threads on his many builds, I am ready to begin a maglite mod. Question is: could I use xpg's in place of the XR-E? Im not sure why I would want to, but just a question. also, I was thinking that Cutter's 4*XPG board might be used. This way I dont have to...
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    Maglite P7 with 2*18650

    Hi, I am making a new 2D P7 maglite for my father, and would like to use the DX sku: 20330 driver, as it is single mode, and pretty cheap. I ordered 2 of them, my question is (a noob question at that) what should I solder the maglite switch leads to? is the outer gold contact ring the (-)...
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    driver for a xpg r5 emitter

    looking for a small driver (16-17mm) to fit in a keychain host. I currently have direct drive and the current sag is killing me. it runs for 30 seconds before i notice a big drop in output off of one imr16340 battery. let me know what you think! would the KD PIN 1845 work? thanks in advance!!:D
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    2D P7 Maglite mod

    I need some assistance everyone. I am almost done my Maglite 2D P7 mod, and have everything soldered and ready to be put into the body. before pressing the heatsink into the body, I threw in some 18650's (3000Mah) to fire it up and veruify its working properly. but after puching the clicky...
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    Cree MC-E keychain torch

    Hi everyone!! Im new to this whole hobby, and would like some more information, I posted this question in Techjunkie's thread here, but I bet I get a reply alittle faster here, Im excited to get going!! I want to copy his Trustfire TR-803 design. I have the donor light (TR-803), but Im not sure...