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  1. bl4kkat

    Yellow Navy Battle Lantern to LED help

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has messed with a battle lantern within the past year or so to convert to LED? I have one I modded almost 10 years ago with 5 ~ 7 10mm white LEDs from Radio Shack to use 6v. Back then it was a pretty crude mod and more of a challenge to myself to make it...
  2. bl4kkat

    Powertac Sabre Head Disasembly

    Hey everyone! I was looking on the web trying to figure out how the head of the Powertac Sabre can come apart? I don't see the two holes where you can unscrew a retaining ring like some lights. It's a brand new light for my brother and don't want to screatch the finish if it's one of those...
  3. bl4kkat

    Question about battery etching

    Hi everyone! I'm not entirely too sure if this is the right spot to post, but if not Mods please move in the right section :thumbsup: So here we go! I've got a question about how to etch a question using small batteries, and when I say batteries I am talking about the little 9 volts or the...
  4. bl4kkat

    Streamlight TLR-3 Vs. S&W Micro90

    Hi guys I wasn't sure if this question has been asked yet but has anyone found any decent reviews on both weapon lights? I did a Google search and a search here but wasn't able to find any good indepth reviews. Closest thing a found was a quick review of the Streamlight TLR-3 with a couple of...
  5. bl4kkat

    dissassembling trit torch

    hi i was wondering does anyone here kno how to take the trit sphere out of the map reader without breaking the sphere? those of you interested im trying to make the mini [email protected] version of the "Tritium Powered 0D Maglite" thanks ppl!
  6. bl4kkat

    malkoff + aspherical = ?

    hi guys i was wondering if anyone here ever done a m*g malkoff with the aspherical lens i tried a quick search but only found some threads comparing the P7 with the Kaidoman Q5 & aspherical lens the reason i ask is i am thinking about adding the malkoff in my 6c m*g with the aspherical...
  7. bl4kkat

    Life Gear Lantern battery upgrade?

    i was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the battery in the Life Gear Lantern so that it would last longer but not increasing the voltage. i think that means increasing the "m/ah" right? is the same light Flying Turtle posted earlier...
  8. bl4kkat

    Rayovac 1AAA Penlight

    hey guys i just got the 1aaa penlight the other day for less than $3 bucks and was wondering if anyone had any instructions on taking it apart? i only found one thread dated a while back but they didnt say how they were able to take the plastic cover off... i used a pair of pliers but i...
  9. bl4kkat

    StreamLight Nano Mods?

    hey everyone just got the Nano (not iPod:)) and was wondering if anyone tried to mod the little thing. its nice and really bright and wondered if there was anything out there to make this little thing better? ive searched the forums but and nothing turned up... i was thinking perhaps...
  10. bl4kkat

    INNOVA XO @ Target ERROR?

    hey guys just went over to Target to kill some time while my gf and her lil sister went around... well went to my favorite aisle and started looking their lights to see if they had any random sales... NOTHING! but i noticed that there are two Innova XO: a 1.5 watt and a 4.6 watt version. so i...
  11. bl4kkat

    Glow powder or Glow paint?

    hi everyone i was wondering what do you guys out there perfer when adding glow to your lights? A. Buy the powder and mix your own batch or B. Buy the all weather glow paint and paint your light ive searched some of the threads here and and came with the conclusion i could do one of three...
  12. bl4kkat

    Flashlights & Intimacy

    right now my fiancee and i were looking through the General Flashlight Discussion showing her some of the flashoholic stories everyone likes to put up and asked me if anyone has ever put up a post like this? Has anyone ever brought a girl home turned off the lights in the house and got intament...
  13. bl4kkat

    [email protected] 3c setup - your guys input

    hello everyone its been quite a while since i last posted here! so heres my question... right now ive got a 2c [email protected] with the niteize led drop in. decent amount of light with a super long runtime which i liked ;) but ever since a church retreat i went to last month compared my 2c [email protected] with my...
  14. bl4kkat

    Sold/Expired swappin dorcey superwatt to cree

    hi i was wondering if it was posibble to swap out my dorcey superwatt (1w) cr123 light with this cree light... it looks like it could work but i dont have to know-how to see if this could work or not? just thought :):):)
  15. bl4kkat

    anyone that can thread

    is there anyone out there that can tap some tripod threads in the bottom of the FeniX P1D? or is this even possible? i might get this lite but would love it more if it had a tripod mount thanx in advance! :)
  16. bl4kkat

    Tripod Mount Flashlites...

    since i tried looking throught the forums and not find what i really wanted i thought id post to see what you guys can suggest :) what im looking for is a small lite around the size of a mini mag or smaller... the only lites ive found are: Jetbeam Ultrafire 3w are there any other lites that...
  17. bl4kkat

    Sold/Expired GID paint

    does anyone know where i could get some glow in the dark paint for GID mods they all look really kewl i was thinking of adding a little glow to my lights... and since we're on the topic where can i get some glow in the dark paint, the type you use to paint walls or art purposes... and im not...
  18. bl4kkat

    Sold/Expired making Dorcy 1w brighter/whiter?

    just as the title says, is there any way of swaping out the led with a higher bin led? cant remember which thread i saw it on but someone recommended changing the led to an S-bin 1w led. if thats true are there anything brighter than that? if i do manage to get a hold of some a led how...
  19. bl4kkat

    any 6d mods out there?

    hey guys i was just wondering if there were any 6d maglite mods i could do... cause it turns out right across the street from my work (Norfolk) theres a handcuff shop that sells the huge 6d's and been wondering if i should get one. but thats only if there were good/interesting mods that a...
  20. bl4kkat

    3x C2/123 cells MMAG...?

    hey ppl juss thought this up at work... is it possible to fit 3x C2/123 cells in a mini maglight? seeing as how these cells are half the size of AA battery perhaps even 4 cells? then making some sort of battery holder so that they'd be placed in series to keep then at the 3v and not 9v if...