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    Got to try out my lights in a REAL cave

    You could easily get by on 100 lumens or less. . But lighting up an entire cavern is one way to really see a cave.
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    Dream trips/adventures yet to do?

    My dream trip would be a week on a private island.
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    Some of the blades I make!

    I really enjoy your work. Thanks.
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    Got to try out my lights in a REAL cave

    Awesome photos subwoofer! Thank you for sharing them. That looks like a great time!
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    Where to shop a durable Hammock

    This is the perfect hammock to take along on hikes/camping. I also use this at the beach, and everyone keeps asking me where I go it. It folds us in the convenient bag that is connected (so it can't be lost). The hooks make it simple and fast to hang.
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    I'm More Into Knives Lately

    Re: I'm more into knives lately Beautiful knives! I really enjoy your work.
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    HIgh End HID Handheld Lights..

    Led flashlights that are coming out these days are getting pretty good.
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    beginner road bike???

    Sounds like you're all set with the essential accessories as well.
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    Buying lasers off eBay - anyone got any tips?

    San Wu Rubber is a professional rubber conveyor belt manufacturer in Taiwan for more years. SWR offers more kinds of conveyor belts and power transmission .
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    Sweet video by CPF member stollman.

    I also perused some of your other videos and need to look at some of them, too. Wished they had caves in SC.
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    Why is my fuel tank getting smaller?

    The electrical system or float are the two most likely causes.
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    looking to buy green laser

    The laser pointer from Orion is excellent. Bought a cheap pointer off e-bay and it didn't work all that well. Bought the Orion one and it has worked extremely well. The cheap ones often don't work when it's cold (the cheap one I had wouldn't work at temps less than 50* F). My Orion one will work...
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    What's the Power Limit for a legal personal laser?

    Recommend this article:
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    Sweet video by CPF member stollman.

    Great video! I really like the assisted belay system you use to go up and down the ladder! Usually in caves with ladders like that I rappel down in front of the ladder and use an ascender on a cowstail to assist on the climb back up.
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    Do you still use incandescent light bulbs?

    I was still buying G25 bulbs for my bathroom though because it was only a few weeks ago that I found a suitable LED replacement bulb.
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    Nighttime Geocaching

    I'm always afraid of night caching on account of Muggles too.
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    Got to try out my lights in a REAL cave

    That's really neat! Thank you for the writeup. Good information.
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    list your lights

    My list: Fenix tk75 Nitecore EA4 Pioneer That's it.. lol .. I love my lights though.
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    Does any one know the good brands for diving from China

    While on Maui, I bought all my snorkel equipment at a dive shop called Maui Dreams. It's in Kihei. Very knowledgable staff will help you pick out a mask that was made for you!! Same with the snorkel.
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    Interesting things out and about in town.

    We have a professional hockey team here. But I don't know anything about hockey.