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    WTB Okluma DC0 Titanium

    I have a cash and want to buy Okluma DC0. Please comment or inbox if you have deal for this torch. Thanks.
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    WTB Coolfall spy ultra

    I have ready cash want buy coolfall spy ultra. If you have please mess to me. Thank.
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    WTT: Fellhoelter FTD titanium flashlight

    I have oveready boss 70 titanium flashlight i want to change to fellhoelter FTD titanium flashlight. If you want to exchange, please leave a comment or pm to the forum mailbox. Thanks.
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    WTB Hanko LF2XT and CoolFall SPY007

    WTB Hanko LF2XT and CoolFall SPY007 have paypal ready.
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    WTB Balaton titanium

    want to buy balaton titanium version, any have offer please inbox or comment i will send pm. Thank.
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    WTT Oveready Boss 35 ti to Hanko ti

    I have boss 35 ti machine luxrc 371d want to trade Hanko ti. I can boss 35 plus $ = Hanko ti. Any have interest please send pm me or comment in theard. Thank for reading.
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    WTT Hanko Ti Twist

    I have Barrel Helical Brass with cwf dragon red secondary want to trade Hanko titanium full twist or Hanko Ti another type. Any interest please pm me, i will send picture of my light.
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    WTB Hanko full twist titanium

    WTB Hanko full twist titanium with original clip HMW.
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    (WTB) Hanko Total Tesseract/Reactor Trident Titanium

    I'm looking for titanium total tesseract/Reactor trident hanko. I live in texas. Thank.
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    WTB VME Ti head of Malkoff

    Anyone have VME titanium head sale please give me a picture and price ship to texas. Thank for view my post.
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    WTB Oveready boss 35 Ti

    Looking to buy an Oveready BOSS, preferably in Ti and preferably in US. Thanks
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    Sold/Expired Looking oveready boss 35/70 titanium

    Looking oveready boss 35/70 titanium will sale pls pm me to [email protected]
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    Sold/Expired WTB Boss RT 35 aluminium

    i want to buy boss 35 aluminium RT old version, any body have can mess me or email [email protected]
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Oveready Boss 35 Alumium or Titanium

    I’m looking for boss 35 ti or alu. Please pm me via [email protected] Thank for view it.
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    Sold/Expired WTB of WTT McGizmo Haiku Cr123

    I am looking for a haiku cr123 or barter with 1 lan reylight (tritium include) please pm me [email protected]
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    Sold/Expired WTB McGizmo Haiku aa

    I'm looking for McGizmo haiku aa used. Pm me [email protected]