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  1. Dole

    Can Cree XP-G's change tint over time?

    About a month ago my buddy bought a Dereelight XP-G p60 drop-in and it had nasty green tint so he sent it back and it was replaced with a new one with nice white tint. I was just checking it out now (about a month later) and its nasty green all of a sudden. Can LED's change their tint over...
  2. Dole

    Military friend wants IR weaponlight

    My buddy contacted me today and said "I need a bada$$ weaponlight, but it has to have IR." He mentioned the Surefire M952V, but at $525 my first thought is that there has to be a better option out there. I'm not expert on IR options but maybe someone else is. He's very rough on his equipment...
  3. Dole

    New idea for EDC

    So I have an idea for the way I want to EDC my Quark mini 123, But I think I need some input on how best to do it. Or maybe its been done before. I want it to hang inside my pocket via paracord lanyard without slipping down to the bottom and turning sideways. It needs to be parallel with my...
  4. Dole

    Any other 400+ lumen lights close to 6P size?

    I'm wondering if there are any other 400+ lumen lights that I am missing besides: Dereelight CL1H MC-E 6P host and Malkoff MC-E 6P host + any other drop-in Remember these have to be in the size range of the lights above, It has to be pocketable.
  5. Dole

    What are some good/quality EDC carabiners?

    I've been searching around for a while now and I see the Black Diamond Finbiner.. Are there any other nice ones out there? This will be for keys to be hooked onto my belt loop
  6. Dole

    Help deciding (Deree CL1H, T20C2)

    Now that the new XP-G has been released from Dereelight I can't decide if I want The T20C2 or the CL1H XP-G. I've considered these two because I mostly want a pocket sized thrower/tactical light. Lux is my main interest. So which one do you all think would be best? Or should I wait for a...
  7. Dole

    Better thrower? Olight M21 or Eagletac T20C2

    I was wondering if anyone knew which one would throw farther?
  8. Dole

    Durability of Fenix E01

    I thought I had lost my Fenix E01 which I keep on a clip with my keys but later tonight I retraced my steps and found it in the middle of the road next to where I park my car. I don't know how many times it was run over but it seems to have fared well. Also, I was rather upset about losing...
  9. Dole

    When will the new T20C2 come out?

    I have narrowed down what I'm going to get to the Eagletac T20C2 but after reading all about the strobe issues, I definitely want to wait for the new model that is supposed to fix the problem. Does anyone know when it will be out? Also, why does it seem like every dealer is sold out of all the...
  10. Dole

    What should I get for Christmas?

    You can see below what I lights already have. I want an led in the under $150 range.
  11. Dole

    AA light as gift to non-flashaholic

    I want to get a AA light for my friend for Christmas. He's likes camping/hiking and this summer will be going to Africa for several weeks for a mission trip. Looking for something in the $25 or less range. I think the LumaPower LumaCraft F1 w/ Seoul SSC P4 would be a good choice at $25...
  12. Dole

    How to do Tritium mods

    Are there any threads on "how to do Tritium mods" that I am missing? Is it an easy process?
  13. Dole

    Where to buy a 6P host?

    Where is the best place to buy a 6P host to put a Malkoff drop in in?
  14. Dole

    Does Fenix advertise OTF lumens?

    I just caught wind of Quark's new Turbo lights, specifically the Quark 1232 Turbo with 230 OTF Lumens. I was Just wondering ho this compares to the Fenix PD30+ with a supposed 235 lumen beam. What would the OTF lumens be for the Fenix? What about other big manufacturers?
  15. Dole

    XP-G lights by Christmas?

    I know Malkoff has put out the XP-G Mag drop-in, surely the P60 style will follow soon. My question is when do you all think that the major manufacturers such as Fenix, Eagletac, O-light, 4-7's etc... will be putting out XP-G lights?
  16. Dole

    Bike advice needed!!!

    I know a lot about flashlights... I know nothing about bikes... I'm looking for someone to help me in this field so I figured this would be the place to start. So if someone asked me to pick them out a nice flashlight without spending a ton of money I would be able to tell them how much they...
  17. Dole

    So... Why shouldn't I get a T100C2 Mk II?

    The title says it...:popcorn:
  18. Dole

    Options for throwers under $90

    This is going to be a gift so the buyer will not understand spending a ton for a flashlight. I had a Fenix TK11 or Dereelight CLH1 in mind. It has to be excellent quality, no DX knockoffs... Just wondering what the best choice out there is for throw using 2X123's or 18650. Thanks
  19. Dole

    Alternative to Surefire M600C Scout Light

    My friend has an AR-15 and wants to put a Surefire M600C Scout Light on it. I was curious if there were any cheaper alternatives out there that are much brighter AND match up to the reliability/quality of Surefire...
  20. Dole

    Looking for 3D mag upgrade?

    My friend just bought a 3D mag led and was quite let down to see my Fenix P3D was brighter...:crackup: Needless to say he wants to upgrade. I've researched a bit so is it pretty much agreed that the Malkoff P4 drop-in is pretty much the best upgrade for that price range?