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  1. Tachikoma

    Short gun rail mounted cameras

    I still remember the Burris Shotcam that came out 9 years ago, are there better alternatives nowadays with higher res/fps and wire/bluetooth liveview, maybe even superimposed crosshair or dot? What about 60hz thermals with same size and connectivity?
  2. Tachikoma

    365nm UV 100W LED

    Since this company charges a whopping $600 a piece (plus $42 shipping to Italy) for this , is there any cheap alternative?
  3. Tachikoma

    Little help for an UV spotlight

    I own an old Power on Borad 35w HID (pretty much everyone should know the model in this forum), I'm wondering if I can swap the front glass with a Wood one to obtain a 365nm emitting beast... Do you know if the bulb in that particular model emits in the UVA region or is it filtered? Most...
  4. Tachikoma

    Cheapest AND most powerful bike frontlight (€53 for 6'000 lumens)

    I think I've finally found it, at least according to the supplied data, has anyone tried it? Since it costs 1/20 of a Lupine Betty 12 the spot surely will have some artifacts, but raw power is what I look for and this seems to have a plenty of it...
  5. Tachikoma

    Apple's iPad

    As a Trekker, I've always wanted to own a PADD since I was a child watching The Next Generation, now the dream is coming true. The iPad is coming out on April 3rd in USA (end of April for our poor country...) and I'm looking forward to buy the 3G version, but I have a big concern: how the heck...
  6. Tachikoma

    Insight WX150 weaponlight

    Just seen this I've heard it should be priced at under $150, not bad considering that it puts out 150lumen (vs 110 of the SF x300) and it has strobe too, can you recommend me a website that ships Insight products to Italy? Thanks :)
  7. Tachikoma

    GITD adhesive sheets and ceramic tiles

    Found them on, but it seems they don't ship to Italy :( Where else can I find these products?
  8. Tachikoma

    Post your Pelican case setup!

    Why not post photos of your setup, like the famous old thread on I'll be waiting :thumbsup:
  9. Tachikoma

    Just ordered a P7 drop-in... fit in my never before modded Maglite 6D, this is the product I'm talking about: Now my questions :thinking: What lens do I have to use? The standard one will melt, right? Can I use an aspherical one? Can I continue to use standard...
  10. Tachikoma

    Spiderfire X300

    We're talking about a China made copy of the SureFire X300, designed to be mounted on handguns with 20mm rails or even SMGs or rifles. The main body is made out of anodized aluminum (advertised as HAIII, seems more like HAII to me) and the battery cap of plastic, overall construction feels good...
  11. Tachikoma

    [Help, for airsoft experts]Marui Mk23's LAM

    I'd like to buy a Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom, but I've heard that the LAM features a cheap 5mm 10 lumens LED :green: I was wondering if a SSC P7 could be crammed inside that plastic thing, only to show up of course (a few seconds momentary on), but I honestly don't know if there's enough space to do...
  12. Tachikoma

    Superbright tritium vials...

    ...get the sellers arrested :shakehead
  13. Tachikoma

    Flashlights' exports prohibited by US federal laws?

    I've just received this: Does this mean that I won't be able to order a Surefire UB2 from Italy anymore? Will I be forced to buy it from Italian shops months later and at a double price? :mad:
  14. Tachikoma

    How to make a cheap Bat-signal?

    What kind of transparent film can I use to put in front on the POB 35W hid lens that doesn't leave marks and doesn't burn instantly from the heat?
  15. Tachikoma

    Various tubes' generations

    I'd really like to see a direct image comparison of gen 1, 2, 3 and 4 tubes, could someone please post it? :thumbsup: Is it true that gen 4 are restricted to military even in the US?
  16. Tachikoma

    Iron Man palmlight

    I would have used a P7 tough :cool:
  17. Tachikoma

    Question on mixed technologies

    I've heard that some companies make (only for military agencies AFAIK) hybrid NVDs featuring a combination of thermal cameras AND simultaneously XD-4 tubes to generate some kind of better viewable image....can someone explain how exactly they work?
  18. Tachikoma


    What is the official release date?:D
  19. Tachikoma

    Surefire UB2 Invictus

    Is this the real price? :eek:
  20. Tachikoma

    Anyone attending NAB Show?

    Could you post some photos of the new Red Epic? Is it true that it'll be superior to the Cinealta F35 but costing only 1/10?