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  1. HoopleHead

    Happiness is...

    throwing a fresh set of batteries into your favorite light and seeing her back in action at full strength. :D Enjoy the lil things ;)
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Milky Candle (MC2), Special Batch With Nichia GS

    Milky Candles (MC2), Special Batch With Nichia GS *SOLD* Tale of the Milky Tape: Milky Candle Rev2 Nichia NSPW500GS-K1 White 5mm LED LSDiodes Amber 5mm LED Background:
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    What's next from Enrique / Muyshondt?

    CR2 Aeon CR123A Nautilus AAA Mako All signs point to an AA model with dual modes and long runtimes. Please please! :twothumbs :popcorn:
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    EDC and Metal Detector question

    I have a mini-EDC kit that includes 2 paper clips, 2 safety pins, 1 sewing needle, a small piece of foil, and 1 small fishing hook. Do you think these items all together would set off a metal detector, either handheld or say at a government building or airport? Or any specific item that would...
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    She Laughs At Me v.areWeCrazy

    Whenever I bust the camera out and start setting things up to take a picture of my flashlights, or knives, or gear, or shoes or whatever my girlfriend laughs at me and says I'm crazy. She says I'm crazy for having so many in the first place, she says I'm crazy for picking different backgrounds...
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    Strongest Split Ring Setup?

    With all these cool paracord and lanyard and McGizmo and whatever clip setups people have to hold their lights, the most likely point of failure always seems to be the split ring. What's the strongest split ring setup? A lot of people seem to like the titanium split rings. Is it better to...
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    How is your HDS Ra Clicky set up?

    How have you programmed your new HDS Ra Clicky? :thinking: Same topic as for the 120P. My Ra-140-Cn :naughty: settings - Primary Setting [click]: 0.07 lm (Level 1, lowest) Secondary Setting [double-click]: 1.1 lm (Level 9) Low Setting [triple-click]: 100 lm (Level 22) High [press-hold]...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Custom Aleph III Quad SSC P4 - price drop #2 *SOLD*

    *SOLD* :crackup: :ohgeez: Yes, it's the same one. So neue bought it from griff here, and then I bought it from neue here. And now you're gonna buy it from me here. Right? :thumbsup: Those 2 threads have better pics and descriptions than I could possibly post, so please read them both...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD!: Luce de Notte - Large grooved two-tone 6061AL, 18mm green trit, domed tailcap

    *SOLD* just received this from Photon Fanatic. this is my second one (the first was a smaller ice blue trit with knurled brass body but i sold it because i wanted green), and is a "large grooved two-tone 6061AL, Green 18mm Trit, domed tailcap". Purchased here -...
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    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: Milky P7 Optimator, on black SureFire Z2 - rockin!

    for sale: *WITHDRAWN* Milky P7 Optimator, on black SureFire Z2 body with tailstanding Leef clicky + 2 new Battery Station CR123A's heres the original sales thread (including 2 pics)- where i bought the entire light for $375...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: The "I'll give you some $$, 2 trits and batts to play with your Spy007" Sale!

    SOLD: The "I'll give you some $$, 2 trits and batts to play with your Spy007" Sale! SOLD!! for sale, Spy007 serial #0255. new, from recent release. purchased this with the full intent to sell, i really just wanted to check it out. as awesome as i expected, but no shelf queens for me and...
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    Busse Nuclear Meltdown SF Natural Outlaw

    Got the heads up here - :thumbsup: Currently up at - My first Busse, ordered one with an Urban Gray blade and Black Canvas handle. Nice one. It doesn't come with a sheath, so I...
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    RaidOps Soldier Spirit German SSG

    just got my sweet new RaidOps Soldier Spirit SSG (the G-10 model) from KiM at RaidOps. my 4 item, now have a Little John, UDT Rail and Pocket Mate. pics shown with the Little John at the bottom for scale. the knife is huge and beefy and thick! comes with an awecome LCG Gear sheath. terrible...
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    Strider Fixed Blades - GS vs. MT

    ive been torn between the GS-GG and the MT-SS GG for weeks and weeks now. im only getting one so the standard CPF answer doesnt apply :p anyone have any comments on either of these? the GS just has sweet lines, but the MT-SS seems more flexible with the serrations. this is for my "bada$$...
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    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD: 2 Milkys! Arc-Aleph Hybrid Dual Stage, Boxter Special Reserve

    selling 1st and 3rd light in pic below. no waiting for milky goodness! Milky Arc-Aleph Hybrid Dual Stage EDC *SOLD* #4 on the left (sellers pic, hope thats OK): Description: - SSCP4 USWOH McR16ms 585mA MG - Very compact and great beam - 2 Levels - Aleph1x123cut HA-NAT - McClicky...
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    Standardizing Beamshots on CPF

    just some food for thought, if not a whole new movement to get behind! Why don't members on CPF standardize their beamshots? like if everyone used the same settings on their camera, same distance up from the floor, same distance away from the wall, same-ish white wall... then theoretically...
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    What is "low" to you?

    i have pretty good night vision, and do a lot of activities than involve creeping around in the dark. so im a big "ultra low" (flashlight brightness) setting fan, and the extended runtimes that come with it. so my question is: how low is your favorite "low" setting, and why do you need/like...
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    "Myers-Briggs" Personality Type Indicator - what are you?

    about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator the test! what type are you? are flashaholics largely the same type? im an INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging) :wave...
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    TKC's Favorite Knives Picture Thread?

    TKC i would LOOOOOOOOVVE to see a picture thread of your best pics of your favorite/top ~20 or so knives out of your vast collection :D :wave: :popcorn: