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    Slightly larger fanless MK38vn SFT40 alternatives?

    So I'm planning my next big light purchase, and I am trying to decide on my next powerhouse. I currently own: MT07vn W2 5400K 7700L, 115Kcd, 678m MK37vn TIR 1xSBT90 5150L, 252Kcd, 1004m Original MT18vn 219c Nichia 4000K (Ol' faithful house/photography light that gets regular use) ~14000...
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    Most efficient hand warmer light? (Seriously)

    What materials/LED/components would make the most efficient hand warmer of a flashlight? I know they sell hand warmers, but I want a flashlight to accomplish this purpose around the house and in the winter. It’s the only element that my relatives appreciate about my lights. When they say they...
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    LEP Budget Alternative VNmod Pinpoint Spotlight (Suggestions please!)

    Hello everyone, It’s been a long time since my last post, been lurking on here regularly staying updated but have been busy to spend much time keeping the hobby alive. I have returned however on a new mission! A rather unique one I would say: I am seeking the perfect indoor spotlight to shine...
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    A Gift to Appease The King, “Give me the best, or see death!” What would you present?

    If the King, ruler over all people and things, made a special request for you to bring him the best of the best VN-modded flashlights, to entertain his royal guests after dark and incite envy to the greatest extreme, to the King’s pride... what would you present to his royal highness? If you...
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    What kind of LED / reflector combo is best for a very NARROW spill / strong hotspot?

    I need a light for parking lot patrol and I’m trying to figure out what LED/reflector type combo is necessary because the lot is already super well lit, I just need to see into the woods / behind bushes / sheds without lighting up the other areas. I compared everything I own, and my deep...
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    2xParking Patrol security, hi output, lo throw, no disturb neighbors, 1 mode, <$70

    Hi everyone, I am responsible for parking lot security and 2 men will patrol for 5 mins, 2x/hour, in a medium sized parking lot holding 150 cars. They need reliable lights that fit the following criteria: (+/- whatever you suggest for the use) 1. Simple UI (not same 2 guys every time, so it...
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    What are your current top 2 favorite VN modded lights and why? (Limit TWO)

    For sake of discussion and gaining a deeper understanding of what makes your beautiful Vinh modded lights your #1 and #2... Please limit to TWO favorites. I know it’s a tough decision when you own many lights for different uses, but if you could only keep 2, which would they be and why? I’ll...
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    Help! Need 4x18650 UNprotected high drain cells for MT18vn

    Hello everyone, I just bought my second modded light from SkyLumen, an MT18vn, and I need to purchase four 18650s, looking for 20A+ and 3000mah+... I was recommended Sony VTC5’s by Vihn himself, and while I trust his recommendation, I really can’t afford to spend $42 on 4 cells. I tried...
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    Need UV light fr footbag/hackey sack night - glow within 10ft, dangers? OtherOptions?

    So I enjoy the sport of footbag/hackey-sack. The art of juggling a ball with your feet alone, and kicking it around in an attempt to perform skillful maneuvers and tricks. Successfully doing so causes me great joy and is a wonderful form of excercise, and a very social sport with friends of any...
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    Can someone please post H1 Nova / ZL H602/H603 side by side/GIF beam pattern at 1-2m?

    Title. Just really want to see Olight H1Nova side by side to a Zebralight H602/H603 pure flood, to compare the beam pattern up close for reading and work, I'm scared the H1 Nova will produce too discernible of a hotspot and make me regret my purchase. But if your beamshots show me otherwise...
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    Compact lantern or pure flood (<30mm dia.) (Occasional EDC and home use) under 60$

    Searching for something with good battery life to be used heavily as a night light and 15-30m yard illuminator for night sports (footbag/hackeysack) between 15-400 lumens Considered the Fenix CL25R but it's a bit pricey and still a little larger than I want.. I want to be able to pocket this...
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    Any possibility for Olight S Mini (Stainless steel) group buy? Please organize! If we could get this down 40% I'd buy two. Hopefully one of you GB arranging veterans can give this one a shot, I'm sure it would be extremely popular. Maybe start at 100 units, or 200?
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    Funniest flashlight sale I've ever seen (Way to go Gearbest)

    Best time ever to purchase a Lumintop Tool guys... jump on it before the sale ends!! But wait, there's more! If you place your order right now, we'll save $1.31! That's right, for a limited time, you pay only $19.00 (plus S&H) **Suggested retail value: $17.69 :laughing::crackup::fail:
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    4100 lumen "Laser/Flashlight" 100 watt halogen fire starting light? Anything compare?

    4100 lumen "Laser/Flashlight" 100 watt halogen fire starting light? Anything compare? Anyone seen this or know if any Lithium Ion battery lights can put out this kind of power with a tight enough beam? And I couldn't find lux/CD specs on this light, nor throw distance... If someone could...
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    Seeking Manker E11/Klarus Mi7 competitors (700+ lum, <20mm width) EDC

    So I bought a Klarus Mi7 in high hopes in black... They sent me red/pink, so I gave it to my mother and black is now out of stock, and it seems 700lm is overrated. I want a BLACK (or masculine color thanks) flashlight with dimensions less than 100mm X 20mm to put out 700+ legitimate ANSI lumens...
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    Brightest light under 20$?? Gift for moms first purse EDC

    Looking for a very bright 18650 or 26650 light for my moms purse to EDC, preferably compact but she will use it for protection and precaution at night when she's alone, or on a campsite if she goes alone for a little walk. Price under 20$ preferably, she doesn't even want a light tbh but I...
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    Anything beat the HC30/W FOR THE PRICE? (2-in-1 right angled 18650s only flashlights)

    About to drop the $$ on an HC30 in neutral white and searching frantically for something better in the same price range (40$-60 at most - excluding ZL) so I don't end up with buyers remorse (my purchases are few and far between so I won't upgrade for two years.) Any rumors on an HC30 upgrade...
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    WTB a good quality 2 slot 18650 charger with 2x18650 3400-3600mAh batteries.

    Is this a good deal? Ive never purchased batteries by themselves before, and have no charger, just an MH20 with USB recharging abilities, Nitecore tube as well. I want to spend no more than 30-34$ if possible on 2 batteries and a charger, and...
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    $100, 2 EDCs (Keychain + COMPACT thrower/USBrecharge (S1 Baton Size) HELP!

    So I own a Nitecore MH20 and I love it, but I can't take it with me 90% of the time, because I wear a suit or tight dress clothes extremely often. I use my stock Nitecore tube way more sadly. My dad has a very very junk 5$ light around the size of 100mm X 24mm and he complains that it is too big...
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    Smallest high-powered USB rechargeable light [Cooyoo Quantum VS. ???]

    Seeking to buy a high quality keychain light no larger than 2 inches long and less than an inch in diameter, with 100+ lumen capability, really I'd prefer 200+ but I don't think such a small powerful USB rechargeable light exists. Please help me on this quest! Got 50$ to spend. The Cooyoo...