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    POLICE: How many lights do you carry on-duty?

    Wow. I answered this thread 12 years ago and it's still going... Well things have changed a bit. SF X300U-B (1000) on my G17 and Benelli M4 Klarus XT21X on my vest SF EDCLT2 in a cargo pants slot Spare Klarus XT21X in my go bag I have a new Nitecore TM9K I want to use but worried about...
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    Surefire Blast from the Past - 10X Dominator

    Just a couple screws I believe... Dennis. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Surefire Blast from the Past - 10X Dominator

    Ok so you guys got me to check out my 10X and charge the Eneloop pack for the first time in years. I made the pack in 2011 and it just discharged and charged up to 2130mAh. I took some pics of the pack showing my charging leads. I also took a couple comparison beam shots: 10X HO + higher LO...
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    Surefire Blast from the Past - 10X Dominator

    Sadly my skill level is "Did a drunk monkey solder that?" and not something I could guarantee to hold up to actual use. Also you need the original battery handle to take apart and solder the new pack to the contacts. Luckily, if you have any soldering experience, it's not that hard to take...
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    Surefire Blast from the Past - 10X Dominator

    I soldered them together and to the OEM head as well as shrink wrapped them. I didn't secure the head in the handle so it can drop out for charging via leads I included during soldering. I don't use it for anything other than a minute or two of non serious light at a time just for fun and...
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    Surefire Blast from the Past - 10X Dominator

    I put Eneloops in my 10X years ago and they work just fine on HO for short periods. Just for a few minutes of fun memories every once in awhile... I never need to use my 10X any more seriously than that anymore. Sadly. Dennis. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Thrunite Lynx (1x18650, XM-L2) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    After a week a use I have a couple more observations: - The user selectable modes needs some sort of "lock" mechanism, and a way to select momentary/constant. It is too easy to change modes when clicking around just trying to get light. Previously, user selectable was limited to one mode...
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    Thrunite Lynx (1x18650, XM-L2) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    I just received a Production model Lynx, supposedly the first one to a USA customer per Thrunite. I have owned the original Gladius, Scorpion V1, and V2 and have always thought the UI was second only to SF push thru two level lights in pure Tactical usefulness for Duty LE use. Of course, the...
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    Are tactical lights getting too bright?

    There are pros and cons to both weapon mounted and hand held lights. There are also safe methods to employ either of them including brighter 500+ lumen XM-L ones. Your mission and training will dictate what you use. Evaluate your situation, test out your theories, and train them...
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    Are tactical lights getting too bright?

    +1 on flood. Plus you don't have to shine your light straight ahead to see... Dennis.
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    Non-Surefire Weapon lights. (Tried a search)

    Various LED drop-ins have been proven under recoil including Malkoff (of course!). I run various Malkoffs in SF 6P's, and MD2's on shotguns, 5.56, and 7.62 carbines for thousands of rounds with no issues. Unlike my old SF incans that would pop every once in awhile... I have run an Eagletac...
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    Need Tactical EDC Recommendation

    Frankenlights are like Frankenguns... A well spec'd AR-15 can run just fine if not better than a factory offering since you get what you want. With all the offerings out there now it is just hard for me to settle for a single mode light, however it can't be some confusing multiple clicky...
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    Need Tactical EDC Recommendation

    Oh, missed that. Then jssp78's recommendation above is about your only choice aside from a LX2 but not a current SF offering. I have a few e2 bodies kicking around with twisties and one with a new SF head would be about as simple as it gets. To save $ get an old E2 off the Equipment Exchange...
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    Need Tactical EDC Recommendation

    Did you look at the tactical or the normal version of the Quark? The tactical only has Bezel tight and loose modes and is as simple as it gets. You can even set the 2 modes to lower to hit your lumen targets although I would bet the actual OTF output is 200ish on max anyways. You will get...
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    Surefire 10X Eneloop Battery Replacement!

    So I have had a 10x since right after they came out and my 2 B20 batteries have been replaced a couple times by SF and are mostly dead now and I actually feel guilty complaining to SF again, especially since I never really use it anymore anyways. However, since I have way too many Eneloops...
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    New SOLA 1200 Dive Light made in California!

    So I saw one of these in my local dive shop and after a couple days of indecision I decided to pick a couple up for a dive trip to Maui next week! Spot (500 lumens) OR Flood (1200 lumens) for 70 minutes, as well as 2 other lower levels. Intuitive and useful magnetic switch with lockout...
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    Surefire AZ2 Review with pictures and beamshots

    I did the same thing but it seemed like the two levels were very close. I tried it with a Wildcat and saw almost no difference... I do wish SF would come out with a universal two-stage tailcap since they own the patent... The old McClicky two-stage upgrade was nice, but an integrated solution...
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    Eagletac M3C4 and the dreaded stripped hex screw - HELP!

    Agreed! The cheap tailcap and screws also caused me to relegate this light to backup glovebox status. Well, that and the startup delay. I had to use a torx wrench on one of the screws to get it in/out. However I set them all in with blue loctite so I am done there. I wish I had the patience...
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    A2 vs A2L vs AZ2

    I am a longtime A2 user and I also have bought both the A2L and A2Z lately. The A2L has replaced the A2 on my duty belt due to the increased light and runtime and the low light red LED's are perfect for my use. However, it doesn't quite have the "character", tint, or throw of my original...
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    Can I check AAA lithium primaries on a ZTS MBT-1?

    The tester seems to work the same with both. Just as the same terminal is used to test Alkaline AA/AAA and Lithium 18500/18650/RCR123. Dennis.