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  1. SmurfTacular

    Servo focusable LED spotlight project

    I have been working on a super powerful LED spotlight, to be remotely controlled. Made from an Intel CPU heatsink with fan, Cree CXA 87 watt LED, 80mm aspheric lens, and 3D printed parts. A servo will telescope the lens, from flood to throw. Here is a video of my progress so far...
  2. SmurfTacular

    Lego EV3 -Universal, High Performance, Autonomous Car

    Hello flashlight people! Been a long time sense I posted here Flashlights and LED's where a gateway for my interest in Technology and Engineering. I have sense been studying robotics engineering, and robotics education. I now work as a robotics instructor at a local school, and teach STEM...
  3. SmurfTacular


    Is there such as a ROYGBIV LED? I know white LED's are basically blue and amber, and there are RGB LED's with Red, Green, and Blue under one dome. But what about Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet/UV? Do they exist?
  4. SmurfTacular

    100 CRI obtainable in a triple XML (3,700K - 5,000K - 8,300K)?

    According to Cree XML's PDF What If I made a 3D, Direct Drive, triple XML, with all three different color temperatures... Or what if I used a Cool White, Warm White, and an RGB LED? Would it be possible to obtain a CRI of 100? Wouldn't that be the more efficient/higher quality?
  5. SmurfTacular

    Poof'd SST-90

    Recently I purchased three SST-90, three DX SST-90 drivers and Tenergy D cells. My plan was to build a 4D DD SST-90 w/ Der Wichtels deep heatsink for the MagRebel reflector. One problem was, I bought SR-90's, so they where on star boards. First thing I did was I took the LED off of the...
  6. SmurfTacular

    First Incan build

    Hi, I have been modding maglites with LED's for a while now, and I haven't given incans a chance yet. Recently I received high temperature bulb sockets from KUI, and a FiveMega 6AA - 2D holder. So I figured I pretty much have everything I need to build an incan mag, except the bulb. But what...
  7. SmurfTacular

    Sold/Expired WTB SST-90's, and P7's

    I usually buy my SST90's from, but they are out of stock, and have been for a while now :( I need two or three of them not mounted onto a star. I don't need the 'perfect' bin. I would ideally want it in the $20-$30 range, I don't mind the slightly blue tint. Also, I usually buy my...
  8. SmurfTacular

    Good SMO reflectors for triple SST-50 or P7?

    I love triple P7, and SST-50 Maglites, but I usually use this reflector piece from DX, slightly modified by drilling out the holes to accommodate the larger LED. Its a great reflector, it throws very well. I would love to use lily or lidel reflectors, but they dont come available in SMO. And I...
  9. SmurfTacular

    SST90 multi-driver solution

    Ive been almost exclusively making P7 Maglite mods in the past. And I've decided to move on and start to use higher powered LED's such as the SST-90. I'm more than aware that theres only one driver designed for the SST90 (Der Witchel), but its only a 1 mode. And that you can make your own driver...
  10. SmurfTacular

    White powder coated 3D Maglite

    The other day I was in my truck in the desert at night, and it was pitch black. I need a flashlight, so I searched the back seats for my P7 Mag, and could not find it because it was black. Thats when I realized that it is really stupid to have a black flashlight, because when its dark is when...
  11. SmurfTacular

    Sold/Expired P7 Maglite 4D - 900 lumens - Hi-Med-Lo-Strobe-SOS - Batteries and Charger - $200

    This Maglite was originally made for a custumer on Craigslist that I have not been able to contact for 30 days. Therefor, I'v decided to sell it here. And maybe in the future, sell P7 Maglites consistantly here, as well as on Craigslist. I have probably made about 50 or so P7 Maglites for...
  12. SmurfTacular

    18650 battery pack for an HID spotlight

    Not sure if this should go under the spotlight forums or this battery forums. Anyway, recently I made my first HID mod on a cheap big lots spotlight. I put in a 55W DDM 5k HID kit. Took a few hours getting it focused, but I got it working flawlessly. Only problem is that it uses a heavy lead...
  13. SmurfTacular

    Your opinion on building a Mosque two blocks from ground zero

    This is not new by any means, but recently its been a hot topic. I wanted to see what CPF thinks of this topic. If you don't already know, there are plans to build an Islamic cultural center two blocks away from ground zero. Here is an article from CNN Link to the article Link to the video...
  14. SmurfTacular

    53mm GID O-Ring's?

    I have searched high and low for GID O-Rings that would fit in a Maglite, between the lens and the reflector. But I have been unsuccessful in my search. I have found that Sigman sells them here at CPFM, but the biggest size he has is 25mm. Anyone know anywhere that sells 53mm GID O-Rings? Thanks.
  15. SmurfTacular

    Maximum voltage/current for a single SST-90

    I saw this thread, and it gave me motiveation to do the same or something very similar. I want to build the farthest throwing LED plug-in spotlight, with two or more aspheric lens's. But I want to use an SST-90 instead of an SST-50. And I want to know what is the max you can drive an SST-90 when...
  16. SmurfTacular


    Our family has two beautiful Australian shepherds as pets. One of them is a red tri female (Darby), she was fixed a while ago, and the other one is a male blue merle (Maverick). We occasionally use him for breeding. This was his third and last litter. His mate gave birth to 7 gorgeous puppies on...
  17. SmurfTacular

    Multi emitter heatsinks, sold out everywhere!

    I need to buy a heatsink for a D sized mag, to be used with three P7's. But Everyone (that I know of) is sold out.
  18. SmurfTacular

    Best spotlight with an H3 bulb type.

    I bought a pair of 55W H3 HID's online from DDM for my Jeep a while back. Right after I ordered it, I realized that DDM has a store in Huntington beach, witch is like 5min away from my house. So instead of waiting for the kit to come in the mail, I bought it locally, and forgot to cancel my...
  19. SmurfTacular

    KD 3A Buck driver is malfunctioning

    Please see this video. Sorry the video is so short, I took it with my phone and I can only send videos if they are a certain length. Anyway, I bought five of these drivers because the max input is 15 volts, and for ~$12 its a good deal. I usually...
  20. SmurfTacular

    Dome VS. no dome

    OK, so naturally LED's tend to project light forward and throw the light. And the dome is there to refract the light and bounce it off of the reflector to give the flashlight more reflector-throw (as opposed to natural LED-throw that is pretty much flood). So say I would want to build an...