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  1. MrAl

    Tests of Alkaline AA Batteries

    Hello there, Did anyone here (or anyplace else) do any comprehensive testing of alkaline AA cells? I know we normally like to use rechargeables, but sometimes a regular AA cell comes in handy. The kind of data i was looking for was mainly the capacity. For example, i measured a couple cells...
  2. MrAl

    Warding Off Animals With Bright Light

    Hello there, Anybody try this? We get various kinds of animals in the back yard and so i was looking into this. Mainly, the flashing light available in many LED lights these days might do the trick. Anybody try this yet? Thanks.
  3. MrAl

    Best 18650 charger?

    Hello there, Is there any really good charger out there, an up to date model i hope? I might settle for a two cell charger that does 1 amp each cell with 2 cells installed, but i would prefer to be able to do 2 amps per cell with 2 cells installed, and four cells with 1 amp each or really four...
  4. MrAl

    Obtain High Drain 18650 Cells

    Hello there, I've been asking around, where is a good place to get high drain 18650 cells. What i need them for is a high power 7 LED T6 CREE flashlight. As you probably know, each LED can take somewhere around 10 watts. That means that the max power should be thought of as around 70 watts...
  5. MrAl

    Trick My Torch (upgrading)

    Hello there, Recently i decided to upgrade a light of mine. It is a crank light this time. I had searched on the net and found some 26000 mcd white LEDs (5mm) and these seem to be the easiest to get these days. My question is: What are the highest output white LEDs available today in 5mm...
  6. MrAl

    NiZn Batteries, Anyone use them yet?

    Hello there, Anyone use or test these relatively new type of batteries yet? Take care, Al
  7. MrAl

    Eneloop Specifications

    Hello there, With a little investigating, i found the following data for Eneloop AAA (here) and AA (scroll down) cells: AAA size cells: 1. They are basically slightly less than 800mAh at 160ma, and the capacity comes down to about 725mAh at 1600ma of current. This is with an...
  8. MrAl

    Letter from Energizer

    Hello, I received a letter from Energizer yesterday stating that they reject the 15 Minute Charger modification shown here: The reason for rejecting it is because the modification "might" already be in the works and/or being sub'd out to...
  9. MrAl

    Need head magnifier

    Hi there, i need a head magnifier, the kind with dual vision so you dont lose your depth of field vision. It has to be around 5x i guess or better. If you know of any on the web let me know, especially if you had purchased a set. I need to solder SSOP-28 pin ic's faster than i can now, which...
  10. MrAl

    Stanley Tripod flashlight

    Hi there, I just picked up a Stanley Tripod 369 flashlight yesterday when a friend wanted to sell it. He also got two smaller ones that he wanted to keep. It has 6 regular white LEDs in it. It must have a micro controller in it because it can sense the voltage in each tripod leg and it uses...
  11. MrAl

    Kodak LSD Cells, 6 Month Test Results

    Hi again, Here are the tests i promised that show the remaining capacity of the Kodak low self discharge cells after being fully charged and then sitting on the shelf for 6 months. So far i only tested 2 out of the 4 cells i purchased and here are the results: 11/02/2007 Voltages... #1...
  12. MrAl

    9v rechargable li-poly cells

    Hi, These are the first 9v cells i ever saw that are worth consideration. They have around 500mAh capacity. The NiMH types are half that. Anybody try these yet? Thanks for any comments.
  13. MrAl

    Kodac LSD cells, 5 month data report

    Hi there, I am into my fifth month of testing the Kodac low self discharge cells. Four cells were charged on 5/14/07 and i took another voltage reading today. This doesnt tell what the actual remaining capacity test is, but already these cells are doing much much better than any regular NiMH...
  14. MrAl

    Feeler: New economy battery analyser/charger chip

    Hello folks, This is basically a feeler to see who might be interested in an economy battery analyser and charger chip that would interface with the PC computer and provide information about the cells under test. The chip would require a minimum amount of support parts: a few resistors and a...
  15. MrAl

    Battery holders (case)

    Hello, Anyone know of any good battery organizers that are also cheap so after shipping they dont cost over 20 dollars each? Im talking about a case or rack that holds batteries mostly of size AA and AAA... at least 20 AA and 20 AAA or are cheap enough to buy two of them and they hold 10 of...
  16. MrAl

    SUPER simple Li-ion charger, USB or Computer power supply driven

    Hi there, Recently i found out that using a +5v power supply would charge an Li-ion cell with little more than two power resistors. This topic came up while talking about a possible temporary charger construction in another thread right here on CPF. The charger is constructed using two...
  17. MrAl

    Long Term End-Of-Life for NiMH cells?

    Hi there, As i realized in another thread, even as little as 100 discharge/charge cycles can lead to a very long cell life if we only look at the d/c cycles, but what else affects the life? For an example, say we have to recharge a cell once every 60 days. After something like 16.4 years we...
  18. MrAl

    Interesting look at self discharge (yikes!)

    Hello, Recently i picked up some Energizer 900mAh NiMH AAA cells (a 4 pack) with a coupon i got from them after complaining about the bad self discharge of their 2500mAh AA NiMH cells. Before i used them i labeled them 1 to 4 with a magic marker and of course charged them and recorded the time...
  19. MrAl

    Energizer/Duracell low self discharge cells?

    Hi there, Someone in another thread made me think...where are the Energizer and Duracell versions of "low self discharge" NiMH cells?
  20. MrAl

    NiMH die after 8 months (Test results)

    Hello there, This discussion is related to constant slow charging of NiMH cells 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cells are rated 2200mAh and they were on charge at 90ma 24/7 for the past 8 months, and they worked fine in a shaver up until now, when a few days ago they failed. A while...