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    i wonder

    if this guy ever paid wimmer back for the flashlight he stole from him ?
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    how far we have come

    stumbled onto this browsing tonight. i remember wanting one of saablusters lights so bad back then. i remember thinking wow, what would 240 lux look like in person!:eek: this is almost laughable now huh . Is the Thrunite TN31 a MUCH better thrower than the Fenix TK41? Fenix TK41 has lux of...
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    cree 70.2 purple spot

    right in the middle of the beam. faint purple spot. just got this light for a gift, might need to send it back its the cree 70.2 i think anybody else have this happen? this is on a thrunite th30 headlamp
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    acebeam forehead scorcher h30

    got one to give to dad for fathers day. gave it a few test runs, steps down in 2 minutes to like 1000 lumens. hit turbo again and it stepped even quicker. it was 144 degrees f when i shot it with my 150 dollar fluke temp gun. i would be embarrassed to give this to anybody as a gift. be like...
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    looking for presents

    for the normal people in my family. whats the latest thumb sized , keychain light that would be a good gift for all ?
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    opus 3100 totally shot

    after 11 months of light use might have 15 hours or so on it
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    well its official

    blf gt's are shipping!:twothumbs should be quite a sight when the first beam of light cracks the airways:naughty: cant wait till vinh gets his hands on one:D
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    well, my mc3000 just fell apart

    went to pull the slider back, and something popped, and the back cradle just lays there dead now, wont retract pulled it apart and the spring, and little piece of junk plastic black pin has broke and snapped off any ideas on what to do to fix it? went to the website, it said they were online and...
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    giggles thread

    was wanting to comment and ask a few questions on this light. why did the thread get closed ? can you not mention another forum here, without it getting closed?
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    Acebeam X80vn - 26,000 Lumen Pop Can (Limited Production)

    Factory Link Click Here Night Beam Shot Video Click Here X45vn VS X80vn X80 Stock Turbo Max: 24,200 Lumen X80vn Turbo Max: 26,000 Lumen No Batteries Included Turbo Max gets HOT in about 1 minute. Manual step down is mandatory Turbo Max intended for short 15 seconds bursts only Spec 1-7 Gets...
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    batteries for tn40vn

    ive got 10amp batteries in my tn40vn if i step up to some 20amp, or even 30 amp, will it run cooler than the ones i have now ? or is 10 amp good for this light ?
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    few beamshots, casting shadows on the clouds, tn42

    tn42vn, nw
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    all hail the maglite

    pretty interesting, just stumbled on this somehow says they make 100,000 maglites a day!:eek: wow, whos buying all of these, lol ! i actually thought they had been around longer than 1979 bet that old man that started this aint hurting for grocery money these days:shakehead
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    long range beam shots, 3 different lights

    tower is 1362 meters...or about .85 miles all the lights hit it, but the tn42 clearly puts more light on it:thumbsup: overexposed to show the landscape control shot where the exposure was locked for pics fenix tk61vn at 70 mm tk61 at 300 mm thrunite tn40vn at 70 mm look at...
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    nice looking light here,

    anybody ever seen one of these ? wonder what the lux is? its adj from spot to flood looks like a decent package for the price
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    thorfire 26650, 5000 mah

    so far so good 1st discharge looks good spot on the capacity:thumbsup: hung pretty tough till the end if my utorch will ever get here from gearbest sometime this century, ill see how they do ! lol !
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    mc-3000 discharge rate

    for lithium batteries awesome charger, unreal fast charge rate at 3amps per slot so why did they cripple it, at a horribly slow 1 amp discharge rate? it will do eneloops faster than a massive 5000 mah 26650 for petes sake. why ?? my lil opus 3200, will do all 4 channels on lithium batteries as...
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    fenix going big screen

    wonder if you can surf the web, and watch you-tube videos on that screen ? :cool:
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    26650 question

    so ive got a utorch ut02 coming from gearbest hopefully within the next week or so ive never owned a 26650 light, or battery for that matter been browsing a few and wondered why some were 3500mah , or a tad more only ? what would be the advantage of one rated at that , vs a good 18650 rated the...
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    a few nitecore p-30 beamshots

    this light is a bargain for the price, size, and throw mine tested 116kcd, quite a bit over specs 620 meters to tower its amazing this thing put that amount of light on it couldn't be happier with this little pocket thrower:thumbsup: control shot at 70mm same 70 mm at 300 mm