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  1. LEDninja

    stacklighting Alba the First Responsive Lightbulb

    ▶ Meet Alba the First Responsive Lightbulb - YouTube I have not figured out how it works. Like how does the bulb know I am working (white light) and when I am relaxing (warm white...
  2. LEDninja

    Tesla's Impact On Battery Industry

    Tesla is using up 40% of 18650 production.
  3. LEDninja

    A Light Bulb Powered By Bacteria

    A Light Bulb Powered By Bacteria | Popular Science Other interesting titles when I googled: Could a light bulb powered by bacteria illuminate the world's poorest homes? Soon, bacteria-powered light may illuminate your house...
  4. LEDninja

    3D-Printed Lightbulbs

    Gorgeous 3D-Printed Lightbulbs Topped With Cityscapes - Business Insider In a separate article Goldman Sachs discusses technologies that the desturbing the status quo. The 3rd technology: LED. Goldman Sachs...
  5. LEDninja

    Obsolescence in flashlights

    Flashlights have come a long way since I first came across CPF in 2003. Many of my older flashlights are just sitting around not being used. I had a number of 2AA side by side or 9V incan flashlights as an EDC. I breathed a sigh of relief when I came across the Maglite Solitaire. Then the...
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    A123 is now B456

    Bankrupt Battery Maker A123 Came Up With The Lamest New Name Ever
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    Professor Invents The Best New Lightbulb In 30 Years

    It's called the FIPEL, which is short for field-induced polymer electroluminescent technology. Take a potato, for example. When you place your potato in the microwave and press start, the device hits the potato with microwaves that induce what's known as a displacement current, meaning it makes...
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    Anybody else having problems with photobucket?

    When I tried to go to photobucket with javascript enabled photobucket flipped me to a blank page. When I tried to go to photobucket with javascript off photobucket let me log in but I can do nothing else including log off. The go back to original photobucket link does not work. Keeps throwing me...
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    LED bulbs hit 100 watts as federal ban looms - The Associated Press

    "Two leading makers of lighting products are showcasing LED bulbs that are bright enough to replace energy-guzzling 100-watt light bulbs set to disappear from stores in January. Their demonstrations at the LightFair trade show in Philadelphia this week mean that brighter LED bulbs will likely...
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    LEDs, power supplies and switches

    I recovered a thread but cannot find it anymore. So I am reposting it here. ----- I have recovered the following data from Google's cache manually. Please post any errors and corrections in a new post below. - The format is: Date, time, old postcount#, poster; post data - I will try to fix the...
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    Will there be a sea change in white LEDs?

    One of the problems with white LEDs is the heat generated by the phosphor. This heat has no where to go. The LED die behind is hotter. So phosphor tends to burn. LEDs turning blue before they die. Tint shift over time. This last is critical as Energy Star LED retrofit bulbs must not have a tint...
  12. LEDninja

    Zetalux 2 standard and pro

    Zetalux 2 standard and pro, Philips 7, 8, 9, 12W I got a Zetalux 2 standard warm and cool and a Zetalux Pro warm. EarthLED shipped Fedex Ground. :mecry: Now I await the customs brokerage bill. :broke: The Zetalux 2 all look the same so I took a picture of just one. The Philips bulbs: 7W 155...
  13. LEDninja

    A funny thing happened on the way to an LED bulb death.

    I had bought some G45 Cree 2 watt LED bulbs at the beginning of 2009. (EliteLED order confirmation dates 21 Jan 2009 14 Feb 2009) I had one of them in my hallway running 24/7. Christmas Eve the bulb decided to celebrate by flashing...
  14. LEDninja

    Did 4sevens ever make a Quark MiNi AA Q3 5A?

    I ordered a Quark MiNi AA neutral R4 last week. just ran out :mecry: of the ones in green packaging, offered me one in a gift box. :confused: I thought all the warm and neutral ones comes in green packaging. The light arrived and had a much tighter and brighter hotspot than my Quark...
  15. LEDninja

    Suggest Mods for a Cree XL-M flashlight.

    A series of questions was asked in the XL-M LED thread as to what is needed to build an XL-M based flashlight. Ti-force suggested it may be more appropriate for this forum. I agree so I am re-asking the questions here. Quote: Originally Posted by StainlessSteel...
  16. LEDninja

    Swapping MagLED reflectors Rebel with 3W?

    Can I swap the reflectors of a 2D Rebel MagLED with a 2C 3W MagLED without modifying the torches?
  17. LEDninja

    Nite-ize headband or new headlamp?

    I just found the vertical adjustment on my Noma 1W headlamp does not work anymore. The light just points to the floor. Now I don't usually use a headlamp. Normally I just sit one f my 4AA stubbies on a table or counter doing a ceiling bounce. I am way beyond my flashlight budget and do not...
  18. LEDninja

    Apple's SECRET new iPods?

    A couple of weeks ago The Source (by Circuit City) suddenly cleared their iPod Nano 16GB at the same price as the 8GB ones. After they were gone the 8GB Nano came down $10. Something is fishy here. Googled "New iPod". Googled again limiting search to 1 month. Apple issued an invite for an...
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    Summer Solstice: longest night in the southern hemisphere

    Summer Solstice: longest night in the southern hemisphere. Enjoy yourselves!
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    Lots of problems with Safari 4.0

    I am running into lots of problems with Safari 4.0. 1st Nothing loaded. Then I realized it won't work in 800x500 screen resolution but not too bad in 1024x640. My eyesight is not that good. Default page is Top List. Have to set it back to open with empty page. Links on some web pages do not...