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    Anybody try Quark QK2A MKIII on a single AA body?

    Specs say the Voltage Range is 0.9V-1.5V, which is clearly wrong. Can the Low voltage head handle LiIon 4.2v max, like the old ones could? I also like eneloops, what happens to the output on eneloops, I presume the max would be less, what about the other levels?
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    Self Adhesive DC Fix Diffuser Install Instructions w/ pics

    Here is a pictorial I put together for using DC Fix diffuser. This can be purchased by the roll from Berlin wallpaper. Or small sheets on CPFMP from Phaserburn. Supplies: Small scissors used for tying fishing flies, circle template, pencil, DC Fix, and the light you want to unringify: Hold...
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    In car storage of LiIon?

    I keep a HDS Twisty in the car with a primary 123 in it, but am considering switching to the 18650 tube and leaving it in the car over the winter with the freebie protected 17670 LiIon that came with the light for a bit more runtime, but mostly so I can top it off it gets used any, so it will...
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    US proposed knife ban could include any one hand opening knives

    I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned. From There is currently a very short time period to send snail mail to the Customs (CBP) to comment. Letters must be received by CBP no later than June 21st. More info and suggestions for letters can be accessed at the...
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    CR Sebenza - not what I expected

    Got my first Sebe today a Chris Reeve Small Regular Sebenza, used but refinished by CR so in "like new" condition. *Edit* See post 4, 9 and 12 for more detail. *End edit* So far I am not impressed and am wondering if it is supposed to be like this? There is a large amount of drag on the blade...
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    No date code on Battery Station CR123s

    A bit of a pet peive of mine. Wish they used a manufacture date or best used by date. Anybody know how to decipher this: "MP00"
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    The cutting edge, beta testing and the myth of the flawless release.

    For about the last month or so I've been thinking about all the first run flashlights we at CPF have had the opportunity to try out and the risks involved. We are on the cutting edge of flashlight technology, but they call it that for a reason. Sometimes we get cut! :eek: So I got to thinking...
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    I can't believe they still sell this!

    Can you beat this one? The rules are it has to be truly crappy an antiquated (no new crap). Post must be civil! You must be truly amazed they still sell the light. The following contender makes a Mag Solitaire look great and a DX look amazing. So you have to try to do worse than this one...
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    When to recycle LiIon cells?

    What are the characteristics of a cell nearing the end of its safe or useful life? It will help greatly if I don't need fancy equipment to figure this out.:thinking: I was hoping for a sticky on this topic or a link in Threads of Interest but I couldn't find one. I have some 2 or 3+ yr old...
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    How muggles use flashlights

    I wrote up a post over in the headlamps section that I've been meaning to write for awhile now and thought it deserved an expansion and discussion of its own. Basically it helps explain why non-regulated can be a good thing or why the new ICON lights are designed like they are, and some things...
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    Sold/Expired FS: PEU SS Blue Trit bezel - SOLD

    $60**SOLD** shipped CONUS, Paypal only OCONUS = $59 + actual shipping (a cash paypal discount can be arranged) Shipping from Virginia for fast US delivery.:twothumbs 1st "I'll take it post" get priority, but I reserve the right to refuse sale to suspicious buyers (rare) This will fit HDS...
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    DiNotte LiIon Recall

    Not sure if I should post this here or battery section, so here it is. Recall Notice for batteries manufactured before May of 2007
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    Anyone getting a BR Lights C2-K 1000 lumen?

    I've been keeping and eye on the BR lights page for a couple months. It looks like they are shipping the first batch this week. It might be the lumen/dollar king as far as quality production lights go. I will probably get one if the reviews and beam pattern are favorable, my only complaint from...
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    SANYO eneloop Battery device Contest

    Saw this on Instructables: ENTRY DEADLINE: Dec 7, 2008
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    NiteRider uses actual measured IS lumens!

    I think this is great news. It must be hard for an honest manufacture to compete against the inflated specs from other manufactures. :twothumbs
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    Forget Blinkies I want Down Low Glow!

    Maybe its a little too cool though? :thinking: "More than a bike light, the Down Low Glow provides the 'cool safety' experience customers rave about. With the Down Low Glow bike lights on your two-wheeled thing, you can worry less about getting hit, and focus more on the joys of the night...
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    Pricenton Tec Swerve - New 1w bike blinkie!

    Ok, technically its 2 x 1/2 watts. Looks promising, june availability:
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    How to ask a question.

    I stumbled upon this and I thought it should be required reading for CPF's. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way Note: The authors are not a help desk for your project. Just some of the good stuff on this document: :twothumbs
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    TK10 reviews = SPAM?

    Anybody else think the review section got spammed by all the TK10 reviews pouring in at the same time? :wtf: I really hope 4sevens doesn't do it again this way in the future. :poke:
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    Fenix 18650 light coming soon

    4sevens (owner dropped a clue in the TK10/T11 thread, post 92. Let's hope its small like the P3D and NOT Tacticool. :thumbsup: