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    Any information on HDS U60 upgrade to XM-L?

    I've been out of CPF world for a while and it seems like XM-L is one of the new bright leds out there now. The HDS EDC U60 is my favorite flashlight and the one I love to upgrade. It's been upgraded from stock (2005) to SSC P4 (2007), then to Luxeon K2 (2009). It's now 2011 and probably time...
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    LED upgrade choices for my HDS U60?

    I bought my HDS EDC U60 summer 2005. Upgraded it to use Seoul P4 USXOI LED in spring 2007. It's been over 2 years since my last upgrade and I'm wondering if there's any good LEDs to upgrade to now? Anything that would be a significant increase in output? I know there's the XP-G, but it...
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    Looking for brightest led for least power

    I have a solar garden lamp that I want to upgrade the led for. It's currently using a 5mm led. It has 1 NIMH battery. It supplies 9V and unknown amp, probably really low. I tried replacing the led with an orange SSC z-power led. It's much dimmer than the 5mm led. I didn't take into account...
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    Looking for cheap (orange) ssc/cree flashlight(or led+board) for parts..

    I have a solar outdoor lamp that I want to convert to ssc/cree led. I'm thinking maybe I can find a cheap $15 or less flashlight and take out the light module and use that. I think the solar lamp output 2.7v, I measured by testing the + - wires while the original led was still attached. I...
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    What's happened to the cheap, simple(2mode) flashlights?

    It seems like all the popular(or growing popular) brands are just producing multi-mode, multi-level, sos, flashing.. etc lights. What's happened to the days of the 2-3 level lights? They used to be inexpensive, but it's relatively expensive now. With the exception of 'no name' manufacturers...
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    LED projectors?

    How's the selection of LED projectors now? I know that Mitsu has their PK20, but it seems old and has 25 lumens. Sony is supposed to also have one out. Considering the much higher output LEDs out now, are there newer projectors that are brighter? Over 200 lumens? (I hope this is in the...
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    Looking for Draco info...

    I'm finally in a position where I can actually consider getting a nice light again. I'm looking for a light that is tiny and biggest battery size is AAA battery. The Draco seems very interesting, but would like to get more information on it. The more detailed threads on it are quite old and...
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    MTE C2 (rebel) 70602 5 mode - review

    I received the MTE C2 70602 today. It is the rebel(?) led version that uses AA battery. (It is not my flashlight, but one that I ordered at the request of a friend. This means I will not be doing anything that changes the flashlight and will only be using it for short periods of time.) It's...
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    Do you use a phone as a flashlight?

    I was walking around tonight on some dimly lit streets and needed to use my phone (Motorola Razr), so I flipped it open and realized the screen was too bright for my night adapted eyes It was level 3 out of 7. So, now I was bored and remembered the situation and decided to drop the brightness...
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    Bush excuses Libby from prison.. In case you haven't seen the news yet, or have been watching FOX news, Bush has commuted Libby's prison sentence. On 9/30/2003, Bush stated that those responsible would be taken care of. I guess he meant 'taken care of' as being...
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    What do you think of the PWM in the Fenix L0D-CE?

    For L0D-CE owners, what do you think of the pwm on medium and low settings? Is it noticeable? Bareable? edit: Oops, I thought I could have more than 1 poll. I wanted to make another poll for Low Level PWM.
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    Anybody modded the Nuwai HLX-712L headlamp?

    I've had this great head for awhile now and never thought to mod it. Nor so I have experience in modding. I'm very tempted to upgrade it to a seoul led. However, I'm not sure how to go about it with this headlamp. I took my headlamp apart today and it was pretty straight forward. However...
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    Anybody have this 1.25W Cree 1AA Flashlight? The body looks exactly like the Fenix AA body. The clickie button is different. Also, there doesn't seem to be any electronic in it. 1 mode. Anybody have this light? How's the runtime?
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    Cree/Seoul headlamps or latterns?

    Has any of the new LED technology made it into mass produced headlamps or latterns yet? It's going to be amazing when we can just use a single CR123A or AAA battery and still have better output and longer runtime. My headlamp is a Nuwai 1watter. It was greater since it has 3 levels and good...
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    Jet-I owners: How's the tint?

    One of the main selling points of the Jet-I, for me atleast, is the white tint that it's supposed to have. However, I've also seen that a few people post that their tint isn't white. What's the deal? Do you have a Jet-I and what's the tint?
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    Fenix L1T - Troubles doing 2 levels.

    I got the L1T recently and haven't played with it too much. However, I'm having trouble getting it to go into low mode. If I twist the very tight, it will go into low. However, it has to be really tight. When it untighten it a bit, it will go into high mode. Is it possible to make it so...
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    Anybody building Arc AAA mods?

    I just read the thread on the MillerMods 2stage Arc AAA mods. Unfortunately I'm a couple of months late. Is he still taking orders for it? Or is anybody else making them? I'd love to see how they'd do with the new SX0H.
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    Suggestions for first upgrade/fix on Nuwai 301X-3?

    I have a Nuwai 301X-3 from last year, which is currently sitting on my shelf. I fried the board and led with 2 R123s. :ohgeez: I'm looking for a simple and inexpensive fix. Maybe $25 budget? (Alright, updated $35..) I could probably fix the board, since the resistor is the only thing that...
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    Divers please recommend a good dive light.

    What is a good dive rated light? The flashlight isn't for me as I don't dive. So I'm depending on someone with experience to recommend something that they've liked. I would like to have the following requirements, 1. Uses common batteries, AA or C. (not bulky) 2. Decent runtime 3. Not...
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    First Impressions of HDS U60 & Quirks/Qs/Comments

    I got my U60 from batterystation and have been playing around with it. As everybody's comments and posts have been very helpful and informative, I thought I'd also contribute.. and possibly give someone that extra push to buy another flashlight.. Batterystation has good price (w/ 10 free...