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  1. 1pt21

    Sold/Expired WTB: Laser Engraving On Mag Head

    Does anyone here offer laser engraving?? Looking to have a Maglite engraved on the head with the Mag "Head" logo. Had it done before on here and came out amazing, have another Mag I'd like to have it done on in the same fashion. Please reply to let me know if you can do it, and I'll provide...
  2. 1pt21

    PK FL2 Arrived Missing Lens Gasket! Can I Get a Replacement Anywhere??? RESOLVED!!

    Hey CPF Community, I've always wanted to own a PK light, but never really knew where to source one (or could I afford it LOL). So anyway I found a source and decided to finally spoil myself with my tax return money. Well I just opened it and fired her up only to hear a tapping sound every...
  3. 1pt21

    JEERS to The Battery Station

    First Jeer I've ever felt compelled to leave since being a member of CPF since 2007! Getting back into my incan Mag mods, I read through a recent thread here that "The Battery Station" still had ROP bulbs available (they're getting hard to find these days). Went to the website, saw them listed...
  4. 1pt21

    What Happened To 17500's??

    17500's seem to have fallen off. It's my favorite combination to run a P90 in a SF G3, but as my cells have aged quite a bit I can't seem to find any good replacements anymore. Just not enough interest to keep producing them or what? Thanks for any insight!!!
  5. 1pt21

    Please Can Someone Fix My Lumens Factory E-Series Drop-In (mini p60)?

    Yup, it finally happened.... I inserted my flat-top batteries backwards and the module was apparently not very happy about it :shakehead It's a Lumens Factory E-Series 3-Mode Drop-In used in their E-Series heads. I mean it's basically a mini sized P60 Drop-In so someone around here please...
  6. 1pt21

    PSA: Don't Use Cheap Apple Lightning knockoff Cables

    Got this cable from DX or one of those 3 for $10 sites (who cares, probably all come from the same place). Worked fine for over a month, then came to the phone to find this! Looks like it got pretty hot (yes, it did damage the phone as well :(). The last pic shows the generic next to a...
  7. 1pt21

    Using a Hobby Charger With a MagCharger Charging Cradle

    So I've searched, and searched; and haven't came up with much info on the topic of using a Hobby Charger to charge a Maglite (MagCharger) with the battery still in the body, essentially using the OEM charging cradle. Damn those tailcaps are a pain to get off on the MC's, and I absolutely refuse...
  8. 1pt21

    Magcharger charging cradle question??

    Is the Magcharger charging cradle "dumb" or does it have electronics inside? Basically I'd like to hack the ends off of the cradle and hook it directly up to my hobby charger in order to charge my 9aa to 3d adapter without having to constantly remove it from the light every time. Is this...
  9. 1pt21

    Are there any guides on proper/safe charging amps??

    So I finally managed to pickup my 1st hobby charger (accucell 6), really nice charger for the $$ and easy to use. Anyways I'm familiar with most of the settings with the exception of being able to pick my own charging amp levels. Can anyone point in the right direction of where I should be...
  10. 1pt21

    Neat ROP Lo-Lo I whipped up.. Thoughts?

    My local Radio Shack had Mag 3d's on sale for $10, soo naturally I had to pick up one (actually all 3 :whistle:). While brainstorming on how I was gonna mod them I decided to just throw one together with parts I had laying around and came up with a combo that I have not seen mentioned here...
  11. 1pt21

    SF P60L -> Can it run off one RCR123 3.6v??

    I can't seem to find a voltage range listed anywhere for the SF P60L module on SureFire's website or here. I know it's max is 9v but what about it's min?? Can it safely be run off of one 3.6v lithium rechargeable?? Thanks for any help!!! --Paul
  12. 1pt21

    Romisen RC-G2 clickie broken.. Options for replacement???

    OK the Romisen RC-G2 is one of my favorite beaters for obvious reasons that we don't need to go into in this particular thread. The clickie on mine decided to bite the dust the other day with no rhyme or reason (though I have read here that the switches they use are junk). The clickie is not...
  13. 1pt21

    SureFire E-Series bulb ID help

    I've recently become re-addicted to incans for some reason and have been piecing together a few e-series style lights. Anyways my current favorite is just a regular e1e with the stock (mn01?) lamp. The lamp has a black base and (obviously) runs off 1 cr123. My problem is I just bought a e1e...
  14. 1pt21

    Can lithium rechargeables over self-discharge??

    Hello everyone, new guy here with a concern... After reading so many posts about lithium battery safety and explosions I really got thinking about my current battey lineup.. Mostly i've been using Surefire 123 primaries, but just recently got into the rechargeable scene. So far I have a pair...