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    HDS HDS around the World (PICS)

    HDS at Hohenzollern Castle in Germany!
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 18

    reardan, I received the shipping notice last Friday the 12th.
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 18

    Ordered a Hcri 200 lm October. It arrived earlier today. FYI.
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    Sold/Expired TNT TripLED Surefire E-series incan bezel mod service

    Hey All! Long time lurker and first time poster. I just wanted to express my gratitude to Tana and his bezel modding service. I received my upgraded light days ago and am still geeked about it. The quality is top notch! Having emailed Tana back and forth for a bit, he made it feel as if we...