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  1. caelyx

    Inexpensive red flashlight for summers on the beach?

    The Parametrek database is a great source for these kinds of questions. Here's a direct link for 1x18650 lights with red lights: link. The Convoy S2+ seems pretty popular, but I haven't used one so can't comment, sorry. It doesn't meet your "inexpensive" requirement, but if you're looking for...
  2. caelyx

    M61 219b 4000k vs M61N SST-20 4000k beamshots request

    Okay - here's three beamshots, as requested. In the SST-20 flavour, I only had the M61NL, so used a M61L 219b so they'd be at the same power level. In each photo, the ML61L 219b is on the left and the ML61NL SST-20 is on the right. Hope that helps!
  3. caelyx

    M61 219b 4000k vs M61N SST-20 4000k beamshots request

    Yes, I've got the M61 219b 4000k from illumn, and an M61NL SST-20. I'll take some beamshots tonight and post them in a follow-up. They're both great -- you can't go wrong with either. To my eyes, I somewhat prefer the 219b version. Unscientifically, it seems to skew a bit more pink where the...
  4. caelyx

    recommendations for good (lithium maybe) rechargeable AA

    What a great piece of recent radio history! Your best option is probably Eneloop AA batteries, in those 3AA-to-D adapters. Your Nitecore charger can recharge them, and they’ll give you decent runtime. There are similar batteries available as IKEA Ladda brand, as well as some of the major...
  5. caelyx

    What's your favorite Vic Swiss Army Knife?

    When I’m in the office, I carry a Compact - it’s very pocket friendly, and still has everything I’m likely to use. At home, I mostly use an Explorer. It is the same model as the first one I ever got as a kid, so there’s an element of nostalgia there.
  6. caelyx

    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Hey thanks for sharing this. I bought an E1HT to try it out too, and it's a fantastic little thing. I put it on a 1CR123 body, and it's both a decent thrower and tiny — small enough to disappear into a pocket. I was walking around in the city last night, and pointing it at skyscrapers: it was...
  7. caelyx

    PN2222A LED Circuit

    I’d echo the suggestion to use a MOSFET for this - I find really simplifies the design, as you can pretty much treat it as a switch in an otherwise-standard power->resistor->LED circuit. For calculating LED resistor values without having to remember any formulas, Adafruit has a useful...
  8. caelyx

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Malkoff order on its way, with an E1HT, a neutral Wildcat 18650 and a 21700 body.
  9. caelyx

    Surefire C3 LED upgrade

    11 years later, Malkoff M61 (and variants - neutral, warm, L/LL) is still a great recommendation. Pick a colour temperature, pick a power level, and go :)
  10. caelyx

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Parts for an E1E-style Incan build from LF; and M61L 219B and M61LL 291B from Illumn. Should be a fun few days of new lights to play with.
  11. caelyx

    HDS Interest Thread for Nichia 219B 2700K (NB27)

    Yes, interested.
  12. caelyx

    Thyrm cell vault xl. Help please.

    As others have said, there's no problem storing different battery types in the same CellVault (so long as you don't do anything to complete the circuit somehow). I'd recommend storing them all pointing the same way, but there's no science to that view. The key thing to know about storing...
  13. caelyx

    Single CR123A to replace Fenix P2D/PD25

    Have a look also at Malkoff’s MDC 1CR123A. In SST-20 4000k, it’s even high CRI. Another vote for the Surefire EDCL-1T (although the price isn’t what you’re aiming for), as it’s a great light.
  14. caelyx

    Knife Chatter. Show and Tell!

    Agreed! My freshly-acquired Sebenzas and en-route Inkosi put me in a similar space :)
  15. caelyx

    Knives vs Flashlights

    You beat me to it. Not to mention the whole EDC community that's spun up around *all* of those things, plus everything in the pockets. That's been interesting to watch. But whatever you do, don't get into watches. 😂
  16. caelyx

    What is your stuff hit the fan light?

    Impressive. What kind of current draw does that have? 6 years is ~52,500 hours, so that must be a very large battery, I imagine.
  17. caelyx

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Malkoff M61WLL in a VME head and an unshrouded 1CR123 body. The high CRI 3000k light is really pleasant, particularly around the house at night, and the size and clip make it very pocketable. A really neat package overall.
  18. caelyx


    I think I've seen them previously for sale at Firefly Markers, but they seem to be out of stock of everything, so I'm not sure if they're still in business.
  19. caelyx

    Need Recommendation for a multi purpose rechargeable flashlight for home

    I have a Streamlight Strion DS mounted on one wall continuously charging, and a Streamlight Vulcan 180 (similar to the old FireBox) on another. They're both great in that role, and I'm really happy with them.
  20. caelyx

    HDS Suggestions for HDS Part Deux...

    Yep -- I use the Automatic Turn Off setting to do approximately this on my lights, albeit much, much more slowly. No matter what mode you're on, if you don't press a button or turn the rotary, it slowly steps down; interact with it and it jumps right back. (Triple blinks when it steps down, to...