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    Mahi head with Osram

    Are folks using the W1 or W2 emitters? I imagine W1 would be more appropriate for lower power drivers, but maybe w2 would keep cooler at higher powers around 3 amps? Edit: it looks like don lists his as “osram kw cslnn1” but I think he means “osram kw cslnm1” or W1, yes?
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    My edc light has a max output of only 300 lumens

    I have a Haiku with ~600 lumens max but I pretty much only use up to the 100 lumen mode. I have been considering reprogramming it to have a max of about 300 because it seems more useful than 600 and could help the LED last longer. I can imagine 500+ lumens being helpful if you want flood or...
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    Heads up advisory: Haiku Xp-G2 and Haiku High CRI

    I’m curious if we’re still on the smoother batch.
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    WTT - Zebralight SC64 for my D4V2 Brass

    I would like to trade by brass d4v2 with E21A 2700K and kr4 drivers to someone who has a Zebralight SC64 or 63 in reasonably good condition. This D4V2 hasn't been used much, has an amber button backlight, and has super low moonlight mode.
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    Ti threads - to lube or not to lube?

    Any good off the shelf solutions folks recommend in 2021? I have been using nano oil 10 weight and it’s ok but maybe not the best. P.S. hope everyone had a good decade since the previous post.
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    Blinding properties incan vs. LED

    A 2700K light is a similar color temperature to an incandescent. No blue spike on many of these such as the e21a. Even for higher CCT lights like the sst 20 4000k, the blue spike is at 450 nm, which is an area that the humans are highly insensitive to. I am thinking preferences for...
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    WTS- McGizmo Haiku, AA Haiku HIVE XP-L(HI) 14500

    Thanks for letting me know.
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    SOLD HDS Rotary 18650 - SST-20 High CRI 225 Lumen, Black Bezel, SS Tailcap, Sapphire

    Re: HDS Rotary 18650 - SST-20 High CRI 225 Lumen, Black Bezel, SS Tailcap, Sapphire L Sold!
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    Tana Light Engines for McGizmo lights (Haiku, Mule) and modding service...

    Hi, just wondering these or other LEs/drivers compatible with the haiku have a voltage reading ability to check battery life? Also if there are any additional emitter choices available, including for an additional cost. Would love to put something like the 219B 3500k in a haiku. Edit: tana...
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    Newer McGizmo Haiku w/HIVE XP-L HI

    Is this still available?
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    WTS- McGizmo Haiku, AA Haiku HIVE XP-L(HI) 14500

    Would it be possible to see more pictures? Very interested.
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    SOLD HDS Rotary 18650 - SST-20 High CRI 225 Lumen, Black Bezel, SS Tailcap, Sapphire

    This light is a 2020 model purchased by me. Good condition, no visible scrapes or marks. There is one rough point in knurling, which it has always had - see picture. It also has felt a bit gritty when turning the dial for nearly the whole time I have owned it, but from what I understand this is...
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    HDS Suggestions for HDS Part Deux...

    I think it would be great to have a voltage reading mode so as to estimate one’s battery life. Alternatively, maybe someone could help me learn how to read the step down. I.e. it happens at X voltage, which means you have Y percent battery left.
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    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Thanks for the responses. I am glad it has those warning features. Do you know at what voltage it can no longer run at the highest level?
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    HDS HDS Systems #23

    IDK if this is the right place to suggest features, but it would be great if we there was a way to check the voltage of the light to get a rough idea of remaining battery life.
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    Thanks for the further reply. I will probably give that a try at some point, although now I kinda feel like those specks give the light character. TBH I did not expect my little question to generate such controversy. To those who are dismayed by cosmetic imperfections on such a light, I would...
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    I have been looking and have seen a good number of HDS lights that DO look like pretty similar to this and no one seems to care. I did get an angle and lighting that would show the spots clearly also. Also here is the same light with different angle and lighting: I...
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    Yeah and I totally don’t care at all about the slight cosmetic issue. Just about whether this will affect the durability of the finish, such as it is. I like the light. It’s not perfect. But nothing is perfect. I really like it as it is. I assume that they just don’t prioritize finish at HDS...
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    Just received my first HDS - a beautiful 18650 rotary. I’m not saying it’s the last light I will ever own but, I’m definitely done for a while. I did notice a cosmetic issue which doesn’t bother me at all but I just wanted to make sure it is cosmetic: there are many little spots in the grooves...
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    So, basic question: how does the 18650 rotary compare to the CR123 in terms of durability? Are the tubes of similar thickness?