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    1xAA single mode 30-50L for the kids

    I'm interested in lights that the kids and their friends can use. Small enough for small hands and small pockets. Bright enough to be useful but not blinding. Inexpensive enough that if it's damaged or lost, nobody needs to feel bad about it. I'm open to any suggestions, but these are the...
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    Know anything about the NexTorch Magic Max II?

    A friend of mine ordered a NexTorch Magic Max II on the assumption that it's a p60 host. Looking at the images online, I guess it's possible that it is, but I couldn't find any mention of folks actually using it with with p60-style drop-ins. Anyone have any experience with this particular host...
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    Curious little $3 1xAA at AutoZone

    AutoZone had a display full of 1xAA flashlights that claimed 50L with 3h runtime. I was in a hurry, so I grabbed 2 out of curiosity without really looking at them. When I got home, I realized they're far more interesting than I had anticipated. The head is wide for a AA light, perhaps 1.25"...
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    High value lights for 2019?

    I'm participating in 3 (!!!) secret santa events this year, each with different price limits, so I thought I'd ask CPF what are the lights that you feel are exceptional values for their price point this holiday season? I'm both interested in lights to gift to others and lights to, maybe, just...
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    Help fitting a Malkoff drop-in in a SolarForce L2M

    I thought I'd try my M361N in my Solarforce L2M and discovered that the module rattled and made an inconsistent electrical connection. So I added a spring and then couldn't put the head back together. Am I doing something wrong or is it just the case that I need a cut-down spring if I want to...
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    Is there an optimal driver input voltage for efficiency?

    It's pretty obvious to me that boost drivers are relatively inefficient since a 2AA light gets significantly more than 2x the run time for a particular output level than a 1AA light does. But it's not obvious to me if buck drivers have a similar problem. Will a 50L light running on 2xCR123A...
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    Are there lights you didn't expect to like but did anyways?

    Over the years I've had a couple of lights that I've acquired that I didn't expect to like, but after using them, have actually been surprised at how fond I am of them. For instance, a while back I realized that I had a stash of 15+ year old CR123 cells and so, in order to use them up, I...
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    Which lights shine for you during a long power outage?

    Apparently a tree fell yesterday evening and caused half the town to lose power for several hours. In each room that mattered (bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms), I used a low-power, long run-time light for ceiling bounce. The Eveready 1D was my main flashlight for this role, but I also had several...
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    Solarforce getting out of P60 market?

    In another thread, someone mentioned that Solarforce's website looks pretty empty so I went to take a look and they really do seem to be clearing out stock, at least for the L2 variants. Does anyone know if Solarforce is getting out of the P60 market? --flatline
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    Streamlight Polytac for Xmas

    Earlier this year I was looking for a yellow SureFire G2. Never found it, but I put a Streamlight Polytac on my "save and compare" list at that time and then never removed it. Fast forward to Xmas it is! I never actually intended to get the Polytac, but now that I've got it I'm...
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    Which lights should you have bought more of?

    Which lights are unavailable now that you wish you had bought more of? For instance, I have a Defiant AA that I bought several years ago for somewhere between $4 and $6. On a fresh cell it's 50-ish lumens, but it will put out useful light until the battery is so low that my battery tester won't...
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    Where did the 1xAA lights go?

    I can easily find 1AAA, 2AAA, 3AAA, 2AA, 3AA, and even 4AA lights in local stores, but no 1AA. I get that the 1AA light doesn't have the novelty size of the 1AAA, but it's not so big as to be in the same size category as the 2AA and 3AAA, is it? --flatline
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    2C Maglite models that use PR bulbs vs bi-pin bulbs?

    I'm interested in getting a 2C Maglite that I can put any of the various PR-style LED modules in (for a friend...really). However, while I'm having no trouble finding 2C maglite flashlights for sale on-line, none of the descriptions make it clear which style of bulb the flashlight uses. Is...
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    Garrity LED Value Lite

    Whenever I visit hurricane country, I love checking out what cheap flashlights are available in the grocery store or gas station or whatever. It's like a lottery. This time I found something interesting at the grocery store: the Garrity LED Value Lite twin-pack for slightly less than $6. I've...
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    Is the G2/G3 the only non-metal P60 host available?

    The G2 is available on Ebay from some dealer in Turkey. I can't find the Surefire G3 for sale anywhere. Once the online supply of G2s and G3s dries up, what P60 hosts are there that can be dropped without damaging the floor or being damaged by the floor like an aluminum light might? --flatline
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    Looking for p60 module with no PWM

    My google-fu is weak... Does anyone make a p60 drop in with the following characteristics: 1. No PWM 2. No memory 3. Modes advance from lowest to highest 4. Don't care how many modes as long as the first 2 or 3 modes are less than 300L. 5. Available in neutral or warm color temp. High CRI is...
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    LumaPower IncenDio v3 behavior differs from the manual's description

    Several years ago I got a LumaPower IncenDio v3 in a trade and I've used it ever since with diffuser as a reading light. I was cleaning the other day and found the box it came in with the instructions and I took a moment to read them and discovered that my light's behavior doesn't agree with the...
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    Looking for a no-headaches 18650 cell recommendation

    It's been 5+ years since I gave any thought to Li-ion cells, but I just ordered a Malkoff MD2 and I don't want to invest in a bunch of CR123 primaries. Here's my current setup: one 8-year-old Pila charger (highly recommended in 2010, probably nothing special now) two 8-year-old protected AW...
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    Energizer Hardcase Pro 2AA

    Was at the local hardware store (not a big chain store) and saw an Energizer Hardcase Pro 2AA which claimed 300L high, 45L low for a little over $14. I know the forum is generally pretty positive about the Rayovac Indestructible 2AA and I largely agree, but there are two compaints I have about...
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    Rayus C01 AAA light

    I purchased a Rayus C01 AAA light last year when searching for good lights to gift to family members and I've been super pleased with it. I haven't seen much discussion of this light and thought I'd start a quick little appreciation thread. It is a single mode twisty that puts out about 30...