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    Bosch compact 100 fog

    Hi, I would like to purchase the Bosch compact 100 fog in yellow. Daniel Stern does not have these in stock. Are there any other purchasing options out there? I need a fog that is 4" to fit in a bumper and I would prefer yellow. Thanks

    XM-L2 VS MCE VS P7 VS XPG for 26650 host

    Hi all, Time to purchase another p60 drop in for a Cooly 26650 host. This will be for a vehicle work light, camping, changing tires, etc. I want something in neutral that is going to be floody and last a few hours for an emergency. I have an older P7 and love it....makes me wonder if I...

    Sold/Expired Sold Lummi Raw SS

    FS:Lummi Raw SS $185 Now $135 Sold to Karl This one is utilizing the 20/200 light pill. It has extremely light pocket carry and 3 blue trits(1 does not glow) Included are two AW LC14250 one is new, other has 3 cycles Shipped with tracking and insured to continental USA destinations. First...

    Sold/Expired Closed/All Sold 3 Mac's Customs and 1 Five Mega all original owner

    Mac's HID with tail switch Blue body, Red Finned head, fivemega battery holder(3/17670)shelf Queen (SOLD TO ADDICTEDMATT) $125 reduced to $99 Mac's Brass SST-50 Neutral tint 4500k (SOLD TO ADDICTEDMATT) $150 2.8 amp, AW battery, has been carried with a couple nicks/scratches but overall...

    HID Retrofit project Hella 4000

    The plan is to utilize a replacement HID 4000 Eurobeam housing sold by Hella part number 149640011 for about $118 each. One question is what is the difference of the HID unit compared to a Hella 4000 Eurobeam Halogen H12560031 for $110 each. I would like to know if there is a difference in how...

    Sold/Expired Mac's Patriotic HID + AW 17670's $175

    I am the original owner of one of Mac's famous HID flashlights powered by AW's 17670's. This has been a shelf queen and has "0" carry marks. It has a blue body with a red finned head. I believe the tail switch is 3 amp. Please PM and I will send pictures. Lets try $250 sold within the...

    Sold/Expired ELEPHANT+8*18650+FM3V-2+AW SOFT....$225!!!!

    Hi All, I have a Gun Metal Gray Elephant II Type B original cost $190 FM3V-2 Gun Metal Gray head cost $190 AW Soft Start $85 8x18650 AW batteries...... 3 charges $96 $561 New...I have turned it on for a total of 10 minutes! It is in Excellent condition. 64445U bulb 50 watt 24 volt....1 hour...

    Best LED landscape lights?

    It is astounding being a flashlight guy that there are not better options. If there are better option by all means please point them out. So far this is best stuff I am finding. This fixture utilizes 6 Cree XRE leds.....1050 lumes......25 degree beam...


    I removed the roof mounted DVD player from my Truck....going to make an expedition style vehicle that I can camp in and so I need lots of light. Does anybody produce a nice quality pod? Super brights has some stuff but I would like something with a little higher quality. For now going to add...

    Something like a Titanium Innovations L35?

    Hi All, I purchased an L35 for a boat cruising from Seattle up the Inside Passage to Alaska. The problem is the light is back ordered until July and boat leaves in a week. My max budget is around $450, and I would like in Excess of 3,200 lumens. The LX50, along with the L30 look interesting...

    LI-ION 2hr run time grab light for Summer of boating in Alaska.

    This Flashlight will be a gift and the batteries need to fit in a standard Pila charger. I want something along the lines of a SST90, but would consider other options such as an SST50, P7, or even an MCE. The object is throw with some spill....things can get out of hand rapidly on a boat. So...

    Yellow fog light paint?

    A few years back Scheinwerfermann recomended some yellow fog light paint. Anybody remember the brand or have the link to the thread...searched for a while with no results. Thanks

    Which dropin/host for a super floody 1 hour run time?

    O.K. so I want to build a reliable bike light. I have a ton of AW 18500's, and 18650's. Thinking a Solar Force host with most likely a Nail Bender drop in. Would a Solar Force L2 with a nailbender P7 be my best set up? I will be using it in a two fish lock block. Figure on changing the...

    High quality version of Magic Shine?

    So I purchased a magicshine last year and it was awesome for the 1st ride....after that it never worked Geoman sent a new battery and charger but it didn't solve the problem....he has awesome customer service by the way. My problem is I live outside the U.S. and can't mail stuff back and forth...

    Sold/Expired Couple good deals from Fivemega, and cmacclel

    Withdrawn.....Thanks The Elephant has a 64445U lamp that can produce an hour of run time. Other bulbs that should work are Osram 64623, 64655, 64657, etc. First up is a 2nd generation Gunmetal Gray Elephant for $325 never carried. If you...

    Budget Rechargeable Spotlight?

    Looking to buy several economical rechargeable spotlights for a customer to light up a field. So far the stanley HID could work, but cheaper would be better. I sold my HID power on board and the customer would like more. Either halogen, or HID will work. Any recomendations? I don't think...

    Max voltage for a P7?

    I have a couple of 10.8 volt packs consisting of NIMH elite. The max for a P7 is at 2000 mah I should be good in that department. They are 2000 mah 4/5A. I have taken the pack apart which consists of 4 unprotected 18,500's with a cardboard top with some resistors and stuff. So if I...

    Any chance of a Copper or Silver SST-50?

    Silver conducts heat the best followed by copper from what I have read. Apparently copper conducts 2x as much heat as Aluminum. Mac you make some neat stuff…. I’d be up for one of each!:thumbsup:

    Any High power "C" drop-ins being produced?

    I have a bunch of C mags in various forms..... I know about the Malkoff that produces around 265 out the front. Looking for something a little more spectacular to run of 1, or 2 AW's. Something along the lines of the following..... P7 MCE SST90

    Best host for SST-50 P60 Drop-In?

    O.K. not sure where to start here… I have a ton of Five Mega’s creations, along with some of Mac’s, too many hot wires, and a bunch of pocket edc’s. I have always wondered about surefire’s. I want to purchase a SST-50 P60 drop in from nailbender but unsure about which host to purchase. I like...