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Sold/Expired ●=●=● SOLD: Tain Titanium Corona 18650 ●=●=●


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Dec 17, 2003
western Massachusetts
Sorry, but this light has been sold.

Tain Titanium Corona 18650 Light

For sale:

A Tain Titanium Corona 18650 light, with an extra 18350 battery tube. The Corona was made in 2015, 50 pieces, and with 15 of the 18350 battery tubes offered also. Technically, a used light since I was not the original purchaser, but it is virtually as new.

There are 12 trits, 2mm x 12mm, around the base of the tail switch, in blue and purple, alternating in pairs around the switch. In the tail cap switch there are six trits, three ice blue and three green, all 1.5mm x 6mm.

Beautiful knurling on the battery tubes.

The specs on the light:

Specs of Corona Ti 18650

  • Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Shell
  • Brass Light Engine
  • OP Reflector
  • Driver H-M-L 3 Mode with Memory, 1400ma-400ma-10ma
  • Operation: Click On, Click again off, Double click to change mode.
  • Emitter : Neutral White XPG2 R5-4U
  • E-series compatible
  • 12 vials of 2x12mm tritium in the tail.
  • 6 vials of 1.5x6mm tritium in the switch button
  • Head Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Tail Diameter: 28.0mm
  • Length: 115.5mm
  • Battery: 1 x 18650 Li-ion Cell

Some photos, courtesy of jskeleton, from whom I bought this light:

Image One, Image Two, Image Three, Image Four and Image Five

Price: $650, included shipping to a US address; foreign orders will incur actual mailing costs based on service chosen.

First to post an, "I'll take it," followed by PayPal payment within an hour, gets it. PP address: fanatic @ photonfanatic.com <<remove the spaces, please.
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Sep 26, 2014
Re: ●=●=● FS: Tain Titanium Corona 18650 ●=●=●

I didn't know the Corona came with an 18350 tube! Beautiful torch, glwys.