#1 FOURSEVENS Knight and Paladin - PK collaboration!



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Sep 28, 2019
Re: FOURSEVENS Knight and Paladin - PK collaboration!

There may be a way to remove the tailcap, it is implausible but possible.
You would need to shove something thin and narrow (perhaps a cut strip of a soda can) around the full circumference under the space near the o-ring and SS clip , then carefully closing the tailcap and hopefully compressing the SS clip. Then slowly unscrewing the tailcap with the SS clip compressed.
It would be very difficult as the gap to insert is too small to just insert a wide enough strip, you would have to shove the strip in prior to attempting screwing it down and compressing the SS clip.

I thought about this, and it doesn't seem possible because there is a 90-degree bend right before the o-ring. You can see it in the drawing--it is the "bulkhead" against which the pocket clip is screwed.

I think this would be the way to do what you came up with. Take 5mm wide strips of mylar plastic, kind of like the little things you find in the collars of dress shirts. Shove those in through the 90-degree bend, past the o-ring, through to the metal retaining ring. Do this all the way around...

I figure it won't work, though. Better to use tiny strap wrenches to crank on the body and cap and twist it off. it will probably destroy the stainless steel ring inside or at least deform it, but a new ring should be easy to bend out of dental wire. Probably better to replace it with brass wire like the prototypes to make it easier to remove the cap again.

The question is, will the inside of the titanium cap be damaged by forcing it past the stainless steel retaining ring? Probably.