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Sold/Expired $100 shipped (each) Surefires- 2 A2 Aviators, round body. YG and WH


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Dec 20, 2018
New Angleland
Lights to rehome, EACH $100 shipped

First post or PM gets them by timestamp

SOLD 1. Surefire Z3, Good condition, only 1 ring, no lamp. Only small amounts of wear on the head anti-roll hex, and the tailcap knurling.

Link to gallery of Z3

SOLD 2. SF 6Z, Good User condition, rubber rings in great shape, wear on the bezel from filters and use- lens is good, ano loss on tailcap. Full working order

Surefire 6z

3. SF Aviator A2wh Incan/ white LED, round body. Great condition! has lanyard clip, all working, clip in good condition

Surefire A2WH

4. SF Aviator A2yg incan/ yellow green LEDs, round body. Good user condition. No lanyard clip, clip has one loop missing and the body has a large patch of "smoothing" where it has been worn down. All other components in great shape.

Surefire A2YG

-$5 OFF per item if multiple purchased
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