11 months after switching to LEDs...


Jan 18, 2008
Pinson, AL USA
I bought a garden home with nine foot ceilings, ten foot treys, and a sixteen foot foyer, built in 2000, in 7/13. I replaced fifty-three 60-75 W 130V incandescent bulbs with LEDs. Two closets have four foot fluorescent tube fixtures and three outdoor floods remain unchanged. I spent ~$500 total, mostly on 2/$15 6 W (40 W equivalent) bulbs from H-D. I've tried night light sized LED replacement bulbs in my wife's nick nacks to no avail - they are so dim you have to look for them in darkness. They are the only incandescent bulbs I've bought in over a year. One of the 6 W LEDs quit the first week - something was loose in the base. H-D gave me another twofer for it. I have since then added several desk lamps, drafting lamps, floor and table lamps, etc - all got the same LEDs. I installed under cab light strips, too - LEDs, of course. Still - one failure.

The original idea was to not have to need a ladder for frequent can light or ceiling light bulb changes. I did a brief calculation... assuming 10% usage on all bulbs, they've nearly paid for themselves in the first year just on electricity cost savings alone! Just do it...