18650 Flashlighthost needed with "double-threaded" Pill/Driver holder


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Jan 31, 2004
Hello Everyone,

lets see if I can put some sense in that title..

I experiment/build/mod flashlights, trying to make me a collection of different flashlights in the same hosts.

My host, until now, is the DX 13095. I like it for its Pill/Driver holder (what would that part be called?): It screws onto the body and head (for good thermal connection), is easy to fit with a driver and LED, and, important, is solderable (chrome-plated brass). I can solder a slab of copper into it for additional thermal mass, for example.


Being a relatively cheap DX host, where a part of its cost is for the driver and LED too, the quality isnt that high. Do you know of any similar host?

- One 18650 would be nice

- I prefer a small diameter, where the head doesnt widen

- Driver/LED (if any) doesnt matter, will be gutted out

- The holder should NOT be of aluminum! Using glue instead of solder would ruin the thermal capabilities..

It would really help me a lot if anyone has a hint for me! I am searching for quite long now, but its quite hard to get pictures of disassembled flashlights.. Such pictures are on DX, but the point is to get some higher quality host!

Thank you,


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