1977 Laminated Frosts Mora


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

1977 Laminated Frosts Mora ( Cuts Rope )

I have wanted to see the results of such a test for the longest time .
And to think , I had to be the one to do it !
I found the handle / grip to roll quite a bit . And for precise cutting , it was tricky .
So not a big fan of the handle .
The laminated steel how ever . I really like that .
If the edge did roll , it was a micro roll .
There was quite a bit of crunching when I put the knife to the leather strop . ( Metal breaking away )
And to get back the edge I had , I had to resort to the strop with green compound .
But the really good part . A 450 slice fail .. That is within D2 Tool steel territory .
Which is not bad for a knife from 1977 .. ( Frosts 1977 catalogue lists this knife )

I am quite pleased with myself for purchasing this knife ( and finding it ) . With so many used / abused Mora knives going for TOP dollar , finding a mint / possibly unused example for reasonable money = Priceless !

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