1st time project - help with EagleTac M3C4

Steve Curtis

Newly Enlightened
Aug 16, 2007
UK but soon to be New York
Hi all.

its been a while since I last posted.
I found my old M3C4 with triple XP-G R5 and wondered what could be done with it.

this is a ten year old light so wondered what led swap I could do to increase output ?
I don’t really want to swap the driver board as I’d assume that’s pushing out decent power so, I assume (again) decent increases could be made with an led swap only.

what would you guys recommend as a decent and low cost led to use?

Original pecs here.

Triple CREE XP-G Cool White R5 LED Specs:

  • Triple CREE XP-G Cool White R5 LED (maximum output, three individual LEDs)
  • O.T.F. lumen output: 15/55/172/593/800
  • LED lumen output: 18/70/215/475/1000
  • Battery: two 18650 rechargeable or four CR123A primary
  • Runtime: 1.5/3.5/8/28/100+ hours

I look forward to the suggestions