2-D Mag Highest Lumen LED Dropin Upgrade With/Without Reflector Sought


Sep 25, 2004
I havent played with my color 2-D Maglights in years but they sit on a shelf where I see them every day. I saw a 505 Lumen dropin by Lumincraft (I think) and a number of 800-1000-1200 Lumen upgrades for 3-D Mags. What is the highest Lumen upgrade available today for a 2-D? With or without a reflector as a component? Not too concerned whether is a "throw" or flood based upgrade. I'd like to have something about on-par (1,200 lumens) with the W/A 1185 hotwire bulb upgrades I did decades ago. I am OK with either 2 Alky cell operation or I can make any 18650/20700/21700 adapters I need to for higher Voltage operation if it gets me more Lumens. I actually don't remember if 2 of those Lithium Ion cells with fit length-wise.

I welcome all suggestions. This little diversion from my Heavy Iron will be fun.

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