2 New Fenix Flashlights - Just Released

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Feb 27, 2015

This week we have two new work lights and one new tactical accessory, each a crowd pleaser! First, we have the WT16R, a compact flashlight with hands-free use and a 300-lumen output. This week's second release is the Fenix WT25R with a magnetic base that produces a total of 1000 lumens of light! Both of these great work lights include a battery, are directly rechargeable, and, best of all, are available for pre-order now on www.Fenix-Store.com!
We also have the new ALG-18 barrel mount. The ALG-18 is a heavy-duty barrel mount that fits most Fenix flashlights with a diameter of 1". The mounting portion allows for quick assembly and disassembly on most gun barrels. The ALG-18 is also available for pre-order on www.Fenix-Store.com.

The WT Series from Fenix is specifically designed for the workforce. These flashlights have many great features like lightweight, heavy-duty pocket clips, multiple LEDs, and magnetic bases for hands-free use. If you are looking for a flashlight that would be great for your toolbox, work vehicle, or office, we recommend looking at the WT Series of Fenix Lights!