2700 Mah Nimh short. How bad is the gas?


Sep 29, 2005
I was sitting on the couch with my D10 in my pocket with a fully charged 2700mah Sanyo. All of a sudden I feel some heat down there. I take it out and it is hot. I open it and while taking the battery out it smells bad. Touching the battery side it is tingly. And hot. I try and move it out of the apartment quickly but there is still a good amount of gassy smell. I inhaled some. How bad is this stuff? I think my D10 is probably dead too. Why would it short in the torch?

D10 is dead. Battery is dead. My fingertip feels numbish now.
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Jan 19, 2003
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Hello Chanamasala,

You need to air your room out. Open the doors and windows and let things air out. 10 - 15 minutes with a slight breeze should do.

If you find yourself feeling ill, seek medical help. Your fingertip was most likely burned, and you can treat it as a burn.

I believe the main danger comes from the electrolyte. If you get it in you eyes, it can cause blindness. Also, don't swallow batteries...

It is always a good thing to avoid chemical fumes, but the fumes from a NiMh battery cooking are not all that dangerous. While I wouldn't suggest breathing these fumes on a continuous basis, I don't think an occasional short exposure will be all that harmful.

It appears that something shorted out. The light may have shorted out, or the battery may have had some internal damage and it may have shorted itself out. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure this out after things have burned up. You may want to take a close look at the light. If you can determine that there was no cause for it to short, then you can speculate that the battery may have caused the problem.


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Jul 5, 2006
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Really? Where? URL link please as I could not find it using the search function?

Sorry, I do recall "Nitecore" or "D10" was not in the titles, and this on going 60 seconds-between-searches limitation really thwarts successful, speedy searching unless you know exact terms used in the thread. Kinda incongruous in some ways, I think.