2c mag led upgrades

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Nov 13, 2006
ontario canada ehh!
Hey fellas I am wanting to upgrade a 2c mag to led I know I could go with the standard magled solution it work's fine in the winter for me but I hear they don't do so well in the summer heat. I am not even sure what is avalible let alone what is the best? I am looking for a floody throw if it is possible I will likely just get a seperate light that has alot of flood alway's good to have a spare light anyway's :) Light is going to be for walking the dog/hiking light and general utility task's taking out the trash working on the truck's inspecting storm damage ect any ideas thanks fellas


Dec 8, 2006
Vancouver BC
There are a handful of dim LED drop in's, the MagLED drop in, and then the custom mods where you can pump out 150-250 Lumens. Stipple reflector mod for flood. Use 3 Cr123A's in a 2C M*g with the new current TerraLux 6EC module for an interesting twist. M*g drop in is ok, but I say avoid it if possible. Don't forget in 10 weeks there is the 6EC in 2 and 3 cell flavor due out. Then a 2C M*g will have a potent drop in capable of serious output. Basically you have custom mods only available it seems. By the time you buy modules or get custom mods you might as well get that new Fenix L2D CE and be done with it. Good old AA batteries too. I'm wrestling with the options and possibilities every day... it's tough.


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Apr 6, 2003
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Well, I have 4 2C Mags with LEDs. One is an SMJLED PR, one is currently a stock Craftsman Variable Power LED, one is a 2 Cell MagLED, and one is a UW0J with an nFlex and a McGizmo 27L reflector. These are listed in order of brightness. Of course, the UW0J/nFlex/27L is my favorite and certainly my most used, but honestly I'm pretty impressed with that Craftsman bulb. It runs pretty cool and looks like it will be SUPER easy to mod with a Cree or SSC. It runs from 1.5 - 8 volts so is more versatile than the dimmer SMJLED or the brighter MagLED.

If you aren't looking for max brightness and want a balance of runtime and output, for my money, the Craftsman is the best choice right now. It will be interesting to see how the 2-3 cell Terra Cree module will turn out. Hopefully they will go for reasonable brightness and good runtime rather than ultimate brightness.

As for flood, you can sputter your own reflector using clear spray paint. Just search for the word sputter. If you barely touch the spray button, you can get a heavier sputter or if you fully press the button and do a couple coats, you can achieve a lighter sputter effect. The more sputter, the wider the hotspot but the less the throw. I prefer the heavier sputter myself but that will depend on your application.


Oct 5, 2006
Pennsylvania, USA
I was always interested in D cell mags, but after recently getting a C cell maglite for the 1st time I like the smaller size...So what I did was use a stcok 2D mag LED (took out the LED module) and used it in my 2C maglite with 2 battery upsizers (AA to C) which means I am using 2 AA's in my 2C mag...the output is great for the size of the light, and the AA's are easy to get although the runtime is shorter than using C's, doesnt matter to me though sicne the LED already stretched out the runtime on the batteries plus I dont use my lights for long periods of time either so its my new favorite user...Once again:

2C mag - Stock 2 cell mag LED - running on 2AA's...I love it!

Now even though I love this light I would still suggest that if your going to spend much money on upgrading your 2C you might want to think about just buying a Fenix light or other lights for the money...You have alot of options though, depends on alot of different factors...like how much your willing to invest, runtime, output, incadescent/ or LED...and so on...