3-cell Sure Fire accessories/options


Apr 27, 2002
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Hi, I now have the three 9Ps I bought from the ASPI sale outfitted.

One has a KL3 see my comments in the KL3 dimensions thread

One has a P91 lamp. I obvioously have some P90s left over

The P90 and P91 both measure at the brightest point about 3500 cd. Of course, both the bright spot and the corona are bigger with the P91. Both, however, should throw the same.

The N2 in an SRTH Turbohead meashres at its peak 15,000 cd. This is substantially less than an UltraStinger is spec'd at, FWIW. Someday, I really want to see someone with an LM631 or similar illuminance meter to measure an US at ten feet and then multiply that reading by 100 and tell me!

My SL6 has some older batteries in it and it measured about 8500 cd. IIRC, it measured 11,000cd with absolutely fresh batteries. The batteries are at 5/7 bars on the digital RS battery tester.

The SRTH/N2 has a wider spot than the SL6, so it surprises me it also has more peak output, since the N2 is a 105 lumen lamp and the SL6 is alleged to be 200 lumens. I guess there is more low-level spill from the SL6.

The SRTH is really cool and I like it.

I'm not so sure that the P91 or the P90 will serve a great purpose for me as compared with my very-convenient-to-carry E2e.

The SRTH won't replace the "banana" Vector CO137 when you really need to reach out and touch something. The CO137 measures at 100,000 cp.

I also bought a Clickie Lockout Tailcap for use with the HOLA P91-equipped unit. I think I might try and get a replacement regular LOTC for one of the others.