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Dec 5, 2009
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Titanium Innovations L70 Locator - Adjustable Focusable 35W / 70W HID Search Light / Spotlight 7000 lumens:

$650 plus shipping (was $750).

The Titanium Innovations L70 Locator is a dual output 35/70W HID (High Intensity Discharge) spotlight offering shattering levels of output.

The L70 offers versatility; 2 levels of output, a variable focusable beam and excellent portability weighing in at only 5.3lbs. The L70 Locator has focusable output; it's rotating reflector adjusts beam focus from a 1 spot to a flood.

The L70 emits a light so strong that can be seen for miles. The L70 is capable of emitting an effective beam over 1400 yards (4200 feet) while simultaneously offering excellent peripheral lighting.

The L70 uses the an incredibly efficient Xenon Metal Halide HID D2S bulb. The D2S offers a very long life, up to 3000 hours, which is at least 50% longer than a comparable halogen bulb. The 4200 Kelvin (4200K) bulb color temperature used in the L70 is much closer to natural sunlight than the 6000K -7000K bulbs many 'competitors' use which are very blue and leave colors looking washed out resulting in poor color separation and a low CRI (color rendering index). Natural sunlight is 5000K; the L70's 4200K color temperature's more natural color results in far superior color rendering of illuminated objects so it's also far more compatible with photography, film and video.

Primary applications include; Military, Tactical, Police, Security Guard & Patrol, Search & Rescue, Camping, Fishing, Land and Marine Navigation, Customs & Border Patrol, Crime Scene Lighting, Aircraft Maintenance & Marine Interdiction

To better understand the L70 Locator's level of output a traditional car headlight is 1000-1200 lumens. The latest HID car headlights are 2800-3200 lumens so the L70 at 7000 lumens packs around as much punch as 7 regular car headlights or 3 HID car headlight in a hand-held light that is less than 12" long.

7000 lumens at 70W for ~60 minutes
3500 lumens at 35W for ~115 minutes.
Highly Adjustable/Focusable Output (Spot/Flood); Rotating reflector adjusts beam focus from 1 to 15 degree; narrow spot to wide flood.
Effective Range is 8-1200 YARDS in spot mode (@35/70W respectively)
Integrated, state of the art Li-Ion Battery pack; charge time ~3.5hrs
Integrated 'Fuel Gauge' Battery Meter indicates battery state of charge
3mm Tempered Glass Lense
IP65 Dust/Water resistance rating
AC 100-240V Wall Charger
The L70 can be also be direct powered through the included 12/24VDC vehicle adapter for constant time unlimited operation
Diffuser Filter for short range diffused scene lighting INCLUDED
Foam lined Hard Case carry/storage case INCLUDED.
Shoulder carry strap INCLUDED. Can be used on either the light OR the carry case.
Uses a (replaceable) 4200K D2S bulb (High Intensity Discharge; Xenon metal halide)
1 year limited parts and labor warranty.

Unit Dimensions: 11.6" / 294mm long, 5.43" / 138mm wide, and 5.82" / 148mm tall
Reflector Diameter: 4.25"
Unit Weight 5.3 lbs.
Locking Carry Case dimensions: 16" long, 11" wide, 8" deep.
Shipping Weight ~ 16.25 lbs.
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Titanium Innovations L70 Locator - Adjustable Focusable 35W / 70W HID Search Light / Spotlight 7000 lumens

Once the Rolls Royce of HID lights.
Includes variable output 70W HID light, diffuser, strap, automotive lighter adapter, charger, lockable case:

Wide beam

Narrow beam:

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