4AA or 2AA Headlamp and Floody?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 7, 2007
I am looking for a 4AA (or 2AA) powered headlight that tends toward the floody side. This is for work in attics and crawl spaces, where I need the area at arm's length evenly illuminated. Also it's nice to have enough spill you can find your tools easily. So, a spot just won't do for this application. I already own some 1AA Zebralights, nice, but 1AA doesn't last long enough and/or illumination is lower than I'd prefer.

I'd be happy if the battery pack were on the back of the head. (A battery pack running up a cable from somewhere else would be difficult since most work in the crawlspace is crawling around, moving frequently from stomach to back a lot.)

I'm prepared to spend between $50 and $80. Thanks for your suggestions.