4Sevens Preon 2 Warm White Comparison Review


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Dec 27, 2002
I think I'm just misinterpreting what your saying. Not trying to be sarcastic. You win, they're cooler. Whatever.


"winning" has nothing to do with it
(and that seems like a pretty obnoxious thing to say
considering the only reason I am trying my best to clarify things for the fourth time - is for you).

what may I ask is there to misinterpret about the new 4Sevens bin 4C0/4D0 neutral white being a Cooler bin than the previous 5A NW?

I do understand you wanting a warmer NW than the existing 5A -
but the new run using 4C0/4D0 bin are not going to be
the bin is slightly slightly cooler -
no matter how many times you may wish they are warmer -
they won't be because of the selected bin is cooler.


I've marked/circled the respective bins:
the 7A/7B in red is the Warm White bin,
5A in green is the existing NW bin
and the gray-blue 4C0/4D0 bins are the upcoming 4Sevens NW -
the higher the color temperature the cooler the tint -
now granted the the 4C0/4D0 bins are adjacent to the existing 5A bin -
but they are on the cooler side -
so they are going to be cooler than the existing 5A -
I don't think I can be any clearer, or more explicit about this.
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