4Sevens Quark Mini AA² Just Received


Feb 7, 2010
Charlotte, NC
A friend of mine gave me an Amazon.com gift card for working on his car last week and I just couldn't think of anything to spend it on. Music? Have plenty of that. Clothes? Not without trying them on. Flashlights? Of course!

It arrived this morning:





*all images can be clicked for full size

The beam shot was taken with the white balance set to sunlight (5200K as per Nikon).

I wasn't sure that I would like the twisty interface but after trying it out three times, I can see that it really isn't that bad. I am just worried about the contacts in the head getting worn out.

The interface is awesome. I was also worried that having low as the first mode instead of high would bother me but I don't think it will. I will EDC this light at work for the next couple of weeks (or more if I like it) and will see how well it does in an automotive shop.

Something odd I noticed; when I first put the batteries in (thank you 4Sevens for including batteries!) and turned the light on, the color of the light was REALLY cool. It was as blue as a Stanley HID with the original 8000K bulb. After running the light for a few minutes, the color of the light seems to have warmed. Was I just getting used to the light or is it actually changing color?