500+ light choices... which actually get used? Your input?


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Sep 26, 2005
Leavenworth, Kansas
EDC Work: Pelican 7060 Led/ ASP Triad Led/ HX2 Typhoon
EDC Formal: McLux PD w Seoul P4
EDC Casual: Nuwai 301X3 w Cree XR-E by milkyspit
EDC Travel: Don't really travel alot but it probably would be my JetBeam MKII
Water Use: None
Bedside: SF C2 w P4 drop-in
Automobile: None
Backyard Spotting: TigerLight FBOP
Nightime Walking: None
Household Use: HX2 Typhoon
Garage: None
Bug-Out Bag (BOB): Don't have one yet
There can be only one! (custom): Custom TigerLight FBOP Led (being built)
There can be only one! (stock): TigerLight FBOP
Most recommended to non-flashaholics: Streamlight Pro Polymer Led
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Jun 15, 2005
Hamilton Canada
EDC Formal/EDC Casual: Ultrafire 602c-SSC in pocket, L0D-CE on keychain. Have a MillerMods Arc AAA Cree on order for my Keychain.

EDC Travel: Above + L1T v2.0 RB80. EDIT: Minimak 14500

Water Use: N/A. (i)UK eLED 2AAA & Nightbuster AquaLED are the only water rated lights I got.(/i)

Bedside: EDIT: MTE 1AA SSC-P4. EDIT: MTE 5 mode SSC-P7

Backyard Spotting: Electrolumens My Little Friend,

Nightime Walking: Electrolumens My Little Friend, L1T v2.0 RB80, L0D-CE.

Household Use: Turtlelight (Dorcy 4AA 1LED floating lanten/cool blue) with Tectite LPR-113 (now LPR-3)

Bug-Out Bag (BOB): Turtlelight + Pack of L91 batteries.

Automobile: N/A
Garage: N/A

There can be only one! (custom): MillerMods Arc AAA Cree
There can be only one! (stock): L0D CE or L0D RB80.

Most recommended to non-flashaholics: Fenix L1T v2.0 RB80 or LOD CE.

Note I change my mind often (see sig).
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Feb 14, 2007
The Bluegrass State
Re: 500+ light choices... which actually get used? Your input?

Great topic, Doug. Thank you!!

EDC Formal: Fenix P1 and/or Orb Raw NS in pocket(s), 6P in briefcase

EDC Casual: Fenix P1, SF 6P or A2, & Raw NS (rarely use any, let alone all 3, but hey...)

EDC Travel: Fenix P1

Water Use: Not underwater, but an A2 on the boat. LED is just enough to see anywhere on the boat, incan is great for spotting on the shoreline, on the surace, or underwater

Bedside: SF A2, G3, 6P, & Orb Raw NS (wife's side-E2E)...yeah...overkill by all accounts. :whistle:

Automobile: SF G2's, 2D Mags

Backyard Spotting: G3

Nightime Walking: A2, Raw NS

Household Use: SF E1L, A2, 6P, Fenix P1

Garage: SF G2, Fenix P1

Bug-Out Bag (BOB): SF G2, MagLED

There can be only one! (custom): Orb Raw NS

There can be only one! (stock): SF A2

Most recommended to non-flashaholics: SF G2


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Oct 28, 2005
The Land of Baked Beans and Red Sox
EDC Formal:ORB NS Cree
EDC Travel:U2,G2 Cree,30mm Trit Torch
Water Use:N/A
Bedside:HDS U60,Amber Gerber Infinity
Automobile:SL PP Luxeon 3C,AE PL 24
Backyard Spotting:9PT,AE PL 24
Nightime Walking:U2,AE PL 24
Household Use:pD
Garage:G2 Cree, SL PP 4AA
Bug-Out Bag (BOB):U2,PD,ARC-AAA,30mm Trit Torch
There can be only one! (custom):Ti 27S PD
There can be only one! (stock):U2
Most recommended to non-flashaholics:SL PP 3C


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Mar 27, 2006
EDC Formal: Arc aaa-p
EDC Casual: E2L old style beat up work light
EDC Travel: E2e w/LF 3.7v bulb
Water Use: Any of my surefire lights
Bedside: M3 combatlight
Automobile: second E2e
Backyard Spotting: M6
Nightime Walking:
Household Use: E2e
Bug-Out Bag (BOB): Sure fire Cree L1, Inova Xo
There can be only one! (custom): M3 leefboby 18650 LF 380 lumens
There can be only one! (stock): Surefire 9P
Most recommended to non-flashaholics: Propoly Lux, G2


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Nov 18, 2005
No where near 500 lights to choose from in my collection, and no where the experience judging flashlights as Quickbeam, but I did learn a lot from your site.

EDC Formal: Fenix L0PSE, bright, works well, and is tiny. Its not broken so no need to move to the L0D yet. Add two Photon Microlight IIs to my keychain always.

EDC Casual: Same as formal but add either an Ultrafire C3, Inova X0 (Tiros), or I\nova X5. Depending upon where I am going/doing.

EDC Travel: Same as formal but add Inova X5 usually, it provides long runtime and plenty of light. Also will toss in Ultrafire C3 as a backup pocket light.

Water Use: UK eLed

Bedside: Inova X5, plenty of light in the home, long runtime. Durable in case I drop it in sleepy stupor.

Automobile: 5 C Cell Maglight in each vehicle. Plenty of light, durable, useable for a baton if needed. Inova X0 (Tiros) longer battery life, smaller pocket/belt carry option.

Backyard Spotting: Inova X03, plenty of throw. Good battery life, solid rugged and reliable.

Nightime Walking: Inova X0, plenty of throw, rugged, good battery life.

Household Use: Inova AAA Bolt, I love the size factor for tossing in a sweats pocket, good battery life, plenty of light for most tasks. Brinkman headlamp, great hands free user.

Garage: Brinkman 3 Led headlamp, have become a big believer in the ease of their handsfree use.

Bug-Out Bag (BOB): Brinkman 3 LED Headlamp too handy to leave out. Minimag MagLED 2 AA. good runtime, plenty of light, and familiarity in the Nth degree in stress situations, Red Inova X5 for uses when you want to keep your night vision intact and the run time is supreme. AAA Minimag with SMJLED upgrade to give a AAA option to give me one of each battery option and it has excellant runtime.

There can be only one! (custom): dont have one, generally am too cheap to spend that kind of money on a flashlight.

There can be only one! (stock): If I could only have one flashlight it would be either a 2 AA Minimag MagLed because of its familiarity, runtime and ease of replacement, or my Inova X0 (Tiros) for its ruggedness, runtime, and throw.

Most recommended to non-flashaholics: Pocket light would be a Rock river 2 AAA. Belt light is 2 AA Minimag MagLed because everyone knnows how to use a Minimag and how it feels to use by rote under any circumstance.


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Jul 2, 2006
CA, 94087
EDC Formal: LF2/10440.
EDC Casual: LF2/10440, Gladius+FM34 in MUL, L1D-CE, and whatever I feel like.
EDC Travel: Same as my EDC Casual.
Water Use: I don't swim.
Bedside: That's where my entire flashlight collection is. I usually grab my E0.
Automobile: Whatever I'm EDCing.
Backyard Spotting: My backyard isn't big enough for spotting, but when I need to do that, I like my Sam's Club HID.
Nightime Walking: Whatever I'm EDCing.
Household Use: Whatever I'm EDCing, or maybe my Seouled Argo HP/17670.
Garage: Whatever I'm EDCing.
Bug-Out Bag (BOB): Whatever I'm EDCing.
There can be only one! (custom): Gatlight V3, full Ti.
There can be only one! (stock): Gladius, FM34, rechargeables, and MUL.
Most recommended to non-flashaholics: ProPoly Luxeons, some sort of Fenix, or possibly a headlight.

I've also posted a link to this thread in the Welcome Mat.


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Jan 19, 2003
Bellingham WA
Hello Doug,

Great thread.

I will start off by mentioning that I always carry a Peak Mediteranian 3 LED 1 AAA brass light on my keychain as a backup light.

EDC Formal: Black LionHeart

EDC Casual: Natural LionHeart

EDC Travel: Work Natural LionHeart

Water Use: Barbarian Golden Dragon HID

Bedside: Lightwave 4000 for general use and TigerLight for bump in the night use.

Automobile: TigerLight, PT Tec 40, and a couple of headlamps - right now the Streamlight Triton.

Backyard Spotting: Mag85 and Pelican Big D.

Nightime Walking: U2

Household Use: Whatever is closest to grab. Most often an ARC LSH-P with the 2 AA battery holder.

Garage: I usually bring a light for a specific purpose into the garage, but do have a Mag 2D in there for backup.

Bug-Out Bag (BOB): I don't have a formal BOB, but do carry a backpack that would serve a similar purpose. In the backpack I have an A2, HD45, Heliotek, Pelican L1, and a PT EOS headlamp.

There can be only one! (custom): Toss up between a regulated TigerLight and the Pink Panther.

There can be only one! (stock): 8NX

Most recommended to non-flashaholics: PT Tec 40 and the PT EOS Headlamp



Jul 1, 2006
62.2ºN, 25.7ºE
Great info! I never asked you anything, because I figured you probably got loads and loads of email and wouldn't have time to answer anyway. So I just read nearly all of the reviews and made my own choices based on them. Your site was the Perfect Source of Information for a budding flashaholic and I pored over it for hours. Or days. Ok, make that weeks. Thanks for all the work you put into it!

EDC Formal: Arc AAA-P (it's with my keys, so it's included in most of the other categories, too)

EDC Casual: I try rotate, so hard to say. Pretty often I end up with Fenix L1D-CE or some similar light.

EDC Travel: Depends on where I'm going, but I try to avoid traveling. Generally the same as casual EDC plus maybe one or two spares.

Water Use: Don't need one really, but if I did, I wouldn't hesitate to use my UK 4AA.

Bedside: red LRI Photon 3 on the lowest setting for checking on the baby and for finding stuff on my bedside table without blowing my night vision.

Automobile: Fenix L1T with an Energizer lithium AA. Where I live we have sub-zero temperatures for a good part of the year so a lithium battery is a must. And the L1T will run for a long time on low, if we get stuck on the roadside.

Backyard Spotting: Don't have a backyard, but I do my spotting with a ROP or a 2C MagLED.

Nightime Walking: I really like the Petzl Tikka XP for seeing where I'm putting my feet, plus some other throwier light for looking a bit further ahead.

Household Use: Petzl Tikka XP (now modded with a Seoul LED). Because you can't beat a headlamp for utility use.

Garage: Don't have one. I use a headlamp when I'm working on the car, so I use the same Tikka XP.

Bug-Out Bag (BOB): I'm just in the process of creating one, so can't say yet. I'm pretty sure it will include at least my UK 4AA eLed for the runtime and I'll probably get another Tikka XP (or the ZebraLight for a change) for utility use.

There can be only one! (custom): Well, my ROP is my only real custom with the MOP reflector, 6AA-to-2D adapter etc., so...

There can be only one! (stock): I guess I'll have to go with the A2 Aviator. Actually, now I notice that I didn't put it in any of the above categories, but I do use it a fair bit for miscellaneous jobs. I guess it's my "fun light".

Most recommended to non-flashaholics: Petzl Tikka XP. Am I getting repetitive or what? :laughing: Because it's a headlamp and not too expensive.


Dec 17, 2003
Excellent thread.

here are mine.

EDC Formal: HDS EDC U60 w/Seoulmation
EDC Casual:HDS EDC U60 w/Seoulmation & Amilite Neo T5
EDC Travel:HDS EDC U60 w/Seoulmation & Fenix L2D CE
Water Use:SS PP 4AA Lux
Bedside:Fenix L2T v2.0 & Borealis
Automobile:Dorcy Super 1 watt (1xcr123)
Backyard Spotting:Borealis
Nightime Walking:HDS EDC U60 w/Seoulmation or Fenix L2D CE
Household Use:Fenix L2T v2.0
Garage:Maglite 2C -> 3x123's one two 18500's with magnum starr 5 cell bulb
Bug-Out Bag (BOB): Fenix L2D CE, Fenix L1T, and EOS headlamp
There can be only one! (custom):Borealis (only custom light I have)
There can be only one! (stock):HDS EDC U60
Most recommended to non-flashaholics:SS PP 4AA Lux



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Aug 15, 2005
Mushroom S'pore
Yay, Doug has spoken again! Very nice selection of lights for the various purposes :thumbsup:

Mine are :-
EDC Formal: Fighter Candlepower 14500 (in my EDC pouch; who cares if it looks rather informal :D) + photon-type light on my keychain

EDC Casual: Fighter Candlepower 14500 (in my EDC pouch) + photon-type light on my keychain

EDC Travel: Fighter Candlepower 14500 (EDC pouch) + photon-type light on my keychain + Gladius (sometimes) + Jetbeam CL-E (spare)

Water Use: Don't really do diving, but would probably use my PT Surge.

Bedside: All my other lights!!

Automobile:Fenix L1P (Lithium 1.7v powered)

Backyard Spotting: Surefire M631 mod

Nightime Walking:Fighter 14500 + photon + Surefire M631 mod

Household Use: Hyperion CE-R + Military anglehead Cree + Osram GD lantern (Cree mod) + River Rock Lantern (Cree mod)

Garage: N.A

Bug-Out Bag (BOB): N.A

There can be only one! (custom): My M631!!

There can be only one! (stock): Fighter 14500

Most recommended to non-flashaholics: Different strokes for different folks :D too many variables! :D

I would add Modamag's Draco to my EDC list (Except diving) when it does finally come.

The Porcupine

Nov 22, 2005
EDC Formal: Usually HDS B42 XRGT
EDC Casual: Surefire L4 or K2 Kroma
EDC Travel: Surefire L4
Water Use: Dunno
Bedside: Surefire K2 Kroma
Automobile: Van: Phoebus Wilderness Kit (as headlamp + CR123 body) Car: Black Diamond Spot
Backyard Spotting: Surefire M3
Nightime Walking: Surefire K2 Kroma
Household Use: Surefire G2 + Black Diamond NightRay
Garage: whatever I happen to be carrying + headlamp
Bug-Out Bag (BOB): Surefire A2 Aviator
There can be only one! (custom): Don't have one, but probably McLux III PD Ti
There can be only one! (stock): Surefire K2 Kroma
Most recommended to non-flashaholics: Fenix P3D. My wife has one in her bag and it's a really nice, powerful and versatile light for a resonable price.


Nov 26, 2004
I have a modest collection thats starting to show its age by flashaholic standards. Many of my flashlights do "double duty" performing multiple tasks. Here goes....

EDC Formal: My EXCELLENT Inova X1 makes the most of its modest output with a superb beam and large, beautiful spill. My X5 (CS) is sweet too (but you knew that).

EDC Casual: Inova X2 (1.4) is sort of a luxeon version of the X5. Similar output and runtime with a more traditional and whiter beam for those times when I tire of the blue.

EDC Travel: Gerber LX3. Bright, versatile, and AA batts. Inova X1 and X5.

Bedside: Maglite 2C LED with diffuser. 40ish lumens on "HI" and about 25 lumens when the LED warms up. Very floody. Spills forever. I use 2 AA NiMH batts and still get GREAT runtimes.

Automobile: Gerber LX3 for tasks and Inova X3 (Tiros) for "WTF was that?"

Backyard Spotting: Mag118 2D 8xAA. 150ish lumens from the once easy to find KPR118 no longer carried by RS (I've heard).

Nightime Walking: Gerber LX3. Again, a bit funky but versatile beam with bright spill and effective throw.

Household Use: Mag 2C /w diffuser.

Garage: Any and all of the above.

There can be only one! (stock): It would have to be my X1. I use it so much more than my other flashlights. I'd be really upset if I lost it.

Most recommended to non-flashaholics: I give them a quick education on flashlights and send them to Target.

And one more....

Night vision preservation: Gerber Trio (red). Floody and lights a work space nicely for those clear sky "telescoping" nights.



Sep 8, 2007
EDC Formal: Fenix P1D natural finish.
EDC Casual: same as above
EDC Travel: fenix P1d , WE Defender with crennelated bezel
Water Use: Pelican M10 or Recoil 2020 LED
Bedside: WE M100 rattlesnake
Automobile: cheap military angle , soon to be upgrade to a LED module
Backyard Spotting: WE M100 rattlesnake
Nightime Walking: same as above, plus P1D
Household Use: PrincetonTec 3 led AA flashlight
Garage: i wish i had a garage
Bug-Out Bag (BOB): P1D with spare batts, Pelican L1 red led, WE M100
There can be only one! (custom): working on it
There can be only one! (stock): Pelican M10
Most recommended to non-flashaholics: P1D


Jun 13, 2007
EDC Formal: P2D-CE

EDC Casual: P2D-CE
EDC Travel: P2D-CE + P3D-CE

Water Use: PT Tech 40 and PT Blast

Bedside: X5 (sneaking around the house) Brinkman Maxfire (what is the dog chewing on) ROP HO 4D (What is the dog growling at)

Automobile: ROV 6V Hand Lantern

Backyard Spotting: Lumalite 4D Xenon Hand Lantern - or - Mag 2D with 3 123a's and a Mag 4D Krypton Bulb - or - HF HID (For really really BIG back yards)

Nightime Walking: SF G2 with P61 -or - INOVA XO3 (W/Reflector) - or - 2D ROP LO

Household Use: X5

Garage: N/A

Bug-Out Bag (BOB): X5, P2D, P3D, 3D Mag (W/Malkoff Drop-In), ROP HO

There can be only one! (custom): ROP HO

There can be only one! (stock): PT Tech 40 (Incan) or P3D-CE (Led)

Most recommended to non-flashaholics: Brinkman Maxfire


Feb 17, 2006
Between Goetta and Flying Pigs
EDC Formal:Fenix L1P + E0
EDC Casual:Fenix L1P + E0 + L2D CE
EDC Travel:Fenix L1P + E0 + L2D CE
Water Use:N/A
Bedside:Mini-Mag w/Niteize drop-in + Fenix LOD SE + SF G2
Automobile:CPF VB-16 4W + Dorcy 2C-8LED + Mag 2C/3-123A/5 Cell Krypton Bulb
Backyard Spotting:WE 9D Raider + LEDBEAM 3C
Nightime Walking:L2D CE + 9D Raider
Household Use:L1P
Bug-Out Bag (BOB):My Briefcase-L2D CE + WE 9D Raider + LOD SE
There can be only one! (custom):N/A
There can be only one! (stock):L2D CE
Most recommended to non-flashaholics: Drop in for Mag C/D
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Jun 28, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
EDC Formal: Ultrafire C2
EDC Casual: MTE Rebel C2
EDC Travel: 1AA incan
Water Use: Eveready Dolphin
Bedside: Vintage 2x927 incan
Automobile: Eveready Big Jim + Eveready Dolphin + 128 LED showerhead + K2 + Dashlite
Backyard Spotting: Eveready Classic Repro 3D + Vintage Balloon 3D
Nightime Walking: Eveready Dolphin Rechargeable
Household Use: too many to list!
Garage: 2C/6AAA overdriven KPR113 on workbench + 3AA/4LED in toolbox + Dorcy billycan lantern
Bug-Out Bag (BOB): Eveready Dolphin
There can be only one! (custom): 4C RoP
There can be only one! (stock): Eveready Dolphin
Most recommended to non-flashaholics: Eveready Dolphin
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Dec 7, 2004
The Southland with a RedBull in one hand and iPhon
EDC Formal:Ti PD-S, its titanium thats as exotic and formal as it gets
EDC Casual:Ti PD-S, the perfect size and hella bright.
EDC Travel:Ti PD-S, extremely reliable and handy, the only drawback is that the batteries can be hard to find but i carry a surefire SC2 spares carrier when i travel.
Water Use:Ti PD-S, its titanium and wont get messed up by salt water, and its plenty waterproof for my uses.
Bedside:Ti PD-S, low is great for reading in bed and high is perfect for "bump in the night" duties.
Automobile:princeton Tec Apex, a bright headlamp is the best thing for changing a tire or anytihng pertaining to a car really.
Backyard Spotting:Mag 2c modded with 3Xcr123 and 5cell xenon bulb, the thing will throw.
Nightime Walking:princeton Tec Apex, high will throw well and low will provide the perfect walking flood, i know this because it saved me big time in belize when i had to navigate through the forest at night with my friends and their POS minimags.
Household Use:Ti PD-S, because cause it kicks ***.
Garage:princeton Tec Apex, most tihngs that get done in the garage require both hands, ala, headlamp time.
Bug-Out Bag (BOB):Ti PD-S, i would trust this light under any condition.
There can be only one! (custom):Ti PD-S, it does everything perfectly
There can be only one! (stock):Ti PD-S, but if you dont consider that a stock light, fenix P1d-ce nat with the textured reflector.
Most recommended to non-flashaholics:surefire g2, once they get hooked on the brightness there is nop looking back.


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Sep 12, 2007
Well, im a flashlight N00B, and i dont have many "good" lights, but this sounds fun, so i will take a crack at it! :)

EDC Formal: No such thing for me. i dont really ever need to dress up. I ware jeans to my country brethren church. Work uniform is a polo and cargo pants. On rare occasion when i do have to dress up, i would use my Inova X5

EDC Casual: Inova X5

EDC Travel: X5 again.

Bedside: RoV SE 4 watt

Automobile: Maglight 3D

Household Use: RoV 4 watt

Bug-Out Bag (BOB): Surefire E2d

i need some more lights!


Oct 31, 2006
Borg cube #51
EDC Formal: Ti Draco (neckchain)

EDC Casual: CR2 Ion XT (keychain)

EDC Travel: A2 Aviator (red); CR2 Ion XT on keychain (when I travel I usually take a LOT of other lights too)

Water Use: Yellow Monster, Polarion PH40, waiting for my Barbolight for backup, AL VIPIR strobe (on BC), PT Aquastrobe (on SMB)

Bedside: M6-CB and SF E2D for uninvited guests; A2 Aviator (red) for normal use

Automobile: SF G2 (LF EO-6, 2xCR123A), Petzl Tikka Plus headlamp (neither of these are used for other purposes - permanently in the car glove-box)

Backyard Spotting: Polarion PH40, Mag623, BigLeef 3C (SF KT4, 5Mega MN bipin socket, WA1185), WE M90 Rattlesnake (LF EO-13, short extender, 3xAW18500)

Nightime Walking: A2 (red or green), WE 9AX (LF EO-9, 2xAW18500) or WE 6AX (LF EO-4, 1xAW18650)

Household Use:A2 Aviator (white), Coast LED lanterns

Garage:There must be one in there somewhere lol, buried under all the other cr&p, but I’ve forgotten what or where it is

Bug-Out Bag (BOB): 3xA2s (red, y/g & white), Novatac T120, Zebralight H50-Q5 headlamp

There can be only one! (custom): CR2 Ion XT

There can be only one! (stock): A2 red

Most recommended to non-flashaholics:Fenix L1D CE, SF G2
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